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Mooncake Foods Tofu Banh Mi is a Vegetarian Treat

Ever since Mooncake Foods opened in my hood, it’s been a reliable Midotown lunch and dinner option – the food is fairly priced, filling, and while it won’t blow you away, it’s consistently tasty. As much as it may irk my ML overlord, Zach Brooks, I’ll push one of the healthier items on their menu, the tofu banh mi ($8).

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Lent Lunch: What If You Don’t Like Fish?


These past few weeks of Lent I’ve been giving recs for fish lunches for those who are observing and eschewing meat. Fried fish sandwiches are always a popular option and the new Shark and Bake sandwich from Trini Paki looks like a good option if you’re able to get there early, but what if you don’t like fish? Enter my go-to meatless option at the Shake Shack: The ‘Shroom Burger.

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Taim Mobile May be the Best Lunch Truck in Midtown (Vegetarian or Otherwise)

Taim Mobile Truck

Taim is a veritable New York institution at this point. The quality of their product has earned them a legion of devoted followers, plenty of superlatives from food media, and recently received the prestigious distinction as the “Best Falafel Sandwich in New York City” by the folks from Serious Eats. On the back of their popularity, they’ve spun off a sister restaurant, the upscale bistro Balaboosta, and they’ve recently hit the streets with a mobile food truck. A few weeks ago, downtown correspondent Andrea got a first look at the Taim Mobile truck, and last Friday, I was lucky enough to nab lunch from the Taim truck in my neighborhood of Midtown West.

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7-11 Becoming More Like the Kwik E Mart

According to the Daily News eight 7-11s in Manhattan are now offering a range of vegan food options. Somehow I doubt this is going to drive the same traffic as the Simpsons transformation 7-11 pulled back in 2007, but I couldn’t help but think of how happy this would have made Apu.  In fact, according to a 7-11 rep they’re actually doing it more for the employees than the customers.

“Low Carbon” Otarian to Open in Midtown on Thursday


Last week Otarian, the much hyped “low carbon” fast food restaurant opened on Bleeker Street and their second location is set to open tomorrow on 8th and 56th. For Midtown Lunchers who prefer greenhouse emissions meat with their lunch this place is probably a pass, but for Sarah and the other ML vegetarians we’ve rounded up some pre-opening coverage.
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Otarian Vegetarian Opening in Midtown on April 19th


Fork in the Road just reported that Otarian, a new fast casual Vegan/Vegetarian spot that touts itself as being “low carbon”, will be opening on Bleecker Street April 19th.  What they didn’t mention was that there is a second location opening in Midtown on the same day, on 56th Street and 8th Ave.  You know we don’t usually get super excited about this kind of stuff but one of us we’ll sacrifice ourselves for the good of  the vegetarian Midtown Lunch’ers.

Grill 44 is Now Serving Up Dosas

Grill 44 (on 44th btw. Lex+3rd) joined the kati roll revolution back in 2008 by adding ‘Indian burritos’ to their usual stream tray assortment of samosas, curries, lamb vindaloo and tikka masala. Now 44G is packing even more into their tiny storefront by serving a South Indian menu. It’s always dubious when a restaurant adds too many different items to one menu, but 44G seem to be pulling it off. I’m not a dosa expert by any means, but my taste buds know flavorful delicious food… so I set forth to expand my horizons.

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Point/Counterpoint: There’s Something For Everyone at the Vegan Loving Hut


Even though the meat lovers on Midtown Lunch outnumber the vegetarians, sometimes we like to shine a light on some of the less offensive meatless options being offered for under $10 (some of you may remember the days of Zen Burger!?) The latest spot is Vegan Hut, a just out of bounds chain that opened a few months ago on 7th btw. 29+30th… and we figured what better to assess it’s awesomeness (or suckiness) then by bringing in Lunch’er “Sarah”, our resident Vegetarian commenter, for a heads up point/counterpoint with me- a bonafied meat eater. In other words, we have something for everyone today. It’s a tale of he said she said. Meat eater vs. vegetarian. Both sides of the story. How will Vegan Hut hold up!

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“Loving Hut” Brings Their Vegan Chain to Midtown


It’s a little out of bounds, and you know most of us aren’t really down with the vegetarian stuff (save for Zach’s weird obsession with the now shuttered Zen Burger) but if you are a vegetarian or vegan you’ll be excited to hear that a branch of the international vegan chain Loving Hut opened on 7th Ave. btw. 29+30th a few months ago.  Everything on the menu is under $10, and “all dishes are free of animal ingredients. NO MSG. NO MILK. NO EGGS. All items are 100% vegan.” [via GirlieGirlArmy]

Loving Hut, 348 7th Ave. (btw. 29+30th), 212-760-1900

Tongue Tacos Are My New El Rey Del Sabor Fave (But the Vegetarian Quesadilla is Good Too)

After my out–of-control delicious tongue taco experience in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I was ready to get back on the lengua train here in Midtown.  Easiest place for that? The El Rey del Sabor cart.  If you haven’t been yet (there are now three of them in Midtown), what the hell are you waiting for? There’s one on 60th and 3rd Ave., 49th and 3rd, and 43rd and 6th.  I decided to hit up the one on 49th, because it gets the least amount of love! (And yet the highfalutin, more expensive Pampano Taqueria across the street, is a mob scene. Figures.)

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