“Loving Hut” Brings Their Vegan Chain to Midtown


It’s a little out of bounds, and you know most of us aren’t really down with the vegetarian stuff (save for Zach’s weird obsession with the now shuttered Zen Burger) but if you are a vegetarian or vegan you’ll be excited to hear that a branch of the international vegan chain Loving Hut opened on 7th Ave. btw. 29+30th a few months ago.  Everything on the menu is under $10, and “all dishes are free of animal ingredients. NO MSG. NO MILK. NO EGGS. All items are 100% vegan.” [via GirlieGirlArmy]

Loving Hut, 348 7th Ave. (btw. 29+30th), 212-760-1900


  • Probably no yummy fried stuff either. ML FAIL!!!


  • I sent their link to my mom. She’s into this BS, we however are not! Bring on the meat!

  • And who the hell follows “GirlirGirlArmy” anyway? Zach never would!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not so fast folks

    LOVING HUT is an anagram for HI VOLT GNU … makes me think they are not only slipping endangered yak meat into the tempeh, but they are cooking it above 115 degrees too

    Bring me the white sauce

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    What typically happens to me at these types of places is that I realize I’m eating a bunch of side items that would provide a perfect compliment to some meat.

  • Bossman, send us a full report once you’ve checked this place out

  • @stevenp – Actually, anytime somebody types in the words “Midtown” and “Lunch” on twitter, I see it. That’s how I saw this…


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    This is SO exciting — I’m in the minority here by being a vegetarian. I’ve taken meat eaters to the one in Houston and they loved it! I hope they have serve the vegetarian pho at this location. Wow, and maybe they’ll deliver to me too, 22nd st b/t 6th and 7th.

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    Ok, just looked at the menu and I’m a bit disappointed. I hope they expand it as it’s nothing like the one in Houston. I’m gonna give it a shot though.

  • Even more disappointing– they seem to have pictures on their menu of food that you can’t order from this location presently. The prices are pretty damn reasonable though! I’ll try it!

  • Might be worth a try. I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it myself being a meat-lover. I sent the link out too to my veg. friends. I can tolerate vegetarian as long as flavor isn’t lost.

  • That is amazing – I had thought Wayne had died or something

  • i’m really not sure i’d try this place? really? no milk, eggs, and jesus.. no msg? i’d need a meat lover to go and tell me if it’s worth it before i went out of my way…

    who is wayne???

  • Veteran ML commenter, like Sarah too. Our favorite veggie-gal.

  • Whoa, Zach is everywhere. I feel like he’s watching over my shoulder as I type this. I might have to nail a Walgreen’s sandwich to the door jamb to keep him away!

  • If I find some money left at the bottom of my purse leftover from drinking tonight, I might try and go check it out tomorrow. I even have my camera with me….

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