Breaking: El Rey Del Sabor Adds a Second Cart on 49th Street

If you were bummed out about the Pinche Taqueria news from earlier today, this should immediately cheer you up:  There were a lot of comments and emails yesterday asking what happened to the El Rey del Sabor cart (on 60th & 3rd).  Apparently they were missing from their usual spot yesterday because they were… wait for it… wait for it… setting up a second cart on 49th & 3rd!!!  That’s right- El Rey del Sabor now has a second cart on 49th Street and 3rd Ave. So if you’ve been meaning to try what I think is the best Mexican food in Midtown, but couldn’t make it all the way up to 60th street and back to work in an hour, now you have no excuse.  And for those who were missing the original cart yesterday, fear not- it will be back in its normal spot today.

The New El Rey del Sabor is Serving Authentic Mexican Food from a Cart
El Rey Del Sabor Round Two: Mole, Tamales, and a Spicy New Creation You Won’t Want to Miss


  • Any idea how late they are around? I’d like to try it, but can’t get over there during usual lunch hours …

    Anyone successfully hit up the 60th street location more toward dinner time?

  • Ay Caramba! Great news.

  • What?! I wanted to get this stuff the past few days and I was having a hard time picking something today… what time will they be there? I now know what I’m getting for lunch.

  • …YES.

  • that’s the best news I’ve heard all year

  • Can you get any viable vegetarian options from them ?

  • Woohoo! I could just make it over and back from 60th street, but this is MUCH more convenient.

  • Fuck yeah! They can now expect my business about once a week.

  • Yayayay!

    el rey del sabor is cart heaven–I’m goign to have to hit it up today to celebrate


  • Just got back from the cart….

    Apparently, while the 49th and 3rd cart is still open, they had issues yesterday because of the halal cart on the same block. He was pretty upset… shame…

    Well.. the food is still awesome

  • Just got back from the cart. It is where the Japanese Teriyaki/Udon cart used to be (where did it go?).

    They ran out of Sopes pretty quickly and they don’t have any prices listed (for first-timers out there).

    But otherwise DELICIOSO.

    PS – East-sider: What halal cart are you referring to on 49th/3rd that they disputed with yesterday? The closest one I saw was XPL on 48th/3rd.

  • I went to the 60th street cart today. The reason they weren’t there yesterday is that they got in a big rumble with the halal guy near the new cart they are opening (49th and 3rd). The guy threw their food around and generally tried to intimidate them so they wouldn’t open near him. Luckily our friends stood their ground and threatened to kick the guy’s ass.

  • @Waiting for BajaFresh: I’m not sure. I went to the 60th and 3rd cart today. I’m like smack in the middle of both. In any case, apparently the guy told me that he had to go “take care of business” at the 49th and 3rd location because some of the halal cart guys were threatening his workers/family that were at that location. Seemed pretty intense… not sure which cart it was though.

  • Just ate from there. Great Food and Location. Unfortunately we’re now forced to be careful inline under threat from the traditional Halal suicide bomb.

  • WTF!?! Do I need to go down there and kick some Halal butt?? Don’t mess with my peoples!!!

  • Ah cmon, we need some westside lovin.

  • I hiked up to the spot on 60th & 3rd and wasn’t impressed – it was just meh. $5.50 for a salmon taco and beef taco – salmon was very average and the beef was sub-standard, too chewy. They didn’t have lengua which was a big bummer. Tehuitzingo on 10th ave is maginally better, but for the best I’ve had in the city you have to head way out of bounds to Super Tacos on 96th and Broadway. I’m waiting for Baja Fresh!

  • had a couple spicy pork tacos for lunch.. not impressed. Pork was dry and chewy, but slathered in enough spicy red sauce (not salsa) that it was hard to tell. But, what do you expect for 2 bucks.

  • between that and the new baja fresh we are now covered in mexican food over on the east side.

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