Breaking: El Rey Del Sabor Adds a Second Cart on 49th Street

If you were bummed out about the Pinche Taqueria news from earlier today, this should immediately cheer you up:  There were a lot of comments and emails yesterday asking what happened to the El Rey del Sabor cart (on 60th & 3rd).  Apparently they were missing from their usual spot yesterday because they were… wait for it… wait for it… setting up a second cart on 49th & 3rd!!!  That’s right- El Rey del Sabor now has a second cart on 49th Street and 3rd Ave. So if you’ve been meaning to try what I think is the best Mexican food in Midtown, but couldn’t make it all the way up to 60th street and back to work in an hour, now you have no excuse.  And for those who were missing the original cart yesterday, fear not- it will be back in its normal spot today.

The New El Rey del Sabor is Serving Authentic Mexican Food from a Cart
El Rey Del Sabor Round Two: Mole, Tamales, and a Spicy New Creation You Won’t Want to Miss


  • Just had the Mole Enchiladas at the new cart and everything was pretty bland. The mole sauce was way too watery and the rice tasted like cardboard. Thank god for Sophie’s right across the street, I had the midtown lunch sandwich yesterday and it’s still just as delicious as day one. Maybe if Sabor threw some of Sophie’s green sauce on their food it would help (but probably not enough)…

  • I’m a big fan of the baja chicken burrito at Baja Fresh, but if you go expecting some sort of authentic Mexican food savior of Midtown East- you may end up very disappointed… (just a friendly warning)

  • win – I totally agree and I go once a week – don’t sleep on the quesadilla’s there.

  • Wonderful news… I feel somewhat vindicated having gone all the way up to 60th steet yesterday to find “nada” (there’s some spanish-flava for ya!). My co-worker and I had to quckly sub with overpriced but tasty Flip burger. Now this new cart is right near our office… it must be the Miracle of Passover!! Wait.. do we have such a thing?!? Guess I better order the tacos with the spicy pork to get my head straight. :> yum!

  • @win – Don’t hate on Tehuitzingo, they’re pretty damn good. Their only taco that isn’t is the goat.

  • @BenBen I get vegetarian tacos and huaraches from them. There’s one dude who doesn’t know how to make them right, and tries to give you, like, a pile of lettuce and radishes, but usually they’re really good. Beans, lots of guac, cheese, pico… I tried cheese enchiladas too, but they weren’t worth it.

  • I had a chicken burrito… I asked for a spicy pork one… w/ mole, but they forgot… Despite it not being what I ordered… It was still pretty good… They’re just starting so give them a week or so, I’m sure it will be running well.

  • For the veggies, you might want to try asking for quesadilla with beans, sour cream, guac, and salsa. Can’t go wrong there.

  • @Tom – I don’t hate Tehuitzingo. I was just very underwhelmed considering all the hype and raves about the joint. I got 3 tacos for over $9 (2 of them had to be the same type which was annoying) when I can get 4 different types of tastier tacos at Super Tacos for just $8 bucks..

  • @win – Are you sure you are talking about the right place? Tehuitzingo tacos are all under $2.50 and I’ve always ordered 3 different kind of tacos (nothing about ordering 2 of the same kind…)

  • el rey’s menu is a bit too big. kind of gives me that hit-or-miss feel. i like their quesadillas a lot but they’ve gone up from $4 since the last time i went.

    anyone confirm that this place has white fish tacos? i don’t mind salmon but i’m looking for something fried. :X

  • I was conned. Big time. They ripped me $6 for a quesadilla. It was $4 on opening day up on 60th street. And then a couple of weeks after that it was $4.50. Now they move a little bit south and suddenly it’s $6? Is it $6 all around? That’s no longer a deal…

    And she almost charged me $2 for a bottle of water. When the bill came out to $8 I was shocked and asked “wait how much is this water?” and she said “OH you only want one bottle? Ok it’s $1.” Shady much?

    Sorry for the socratic rhetorical question bombing.

  • is this cart still there?

  • Yup… walked by it on Friday

  • quesadillas started at $5 and the were raised a dollar more

  • the tacos were alright…a bit bland

    those papallillos or w/e were hella good though…i guess you can call them an empanada…the chicken one was great.

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