Midtown Pinche Taqueria DOUBLE FAIL

I was pretty excited when Pinche Taqueria (with two well known locations downtown) announced they’d be serving food out of Mantra on 2nd Ave. and 52nd.  Well, almost two weeks have gone by and-despite promises of a “lunch service” that was supposed to start last Monday- nothing has happened.  I finally called Mantra yesterday and got a completely different story than the one they were peddling a week and a half ago.  Pinche doesn’t come in every day… in fact they have only been coming on Thursday through Sunday, and only for dinner.  Plus, there are no plans right now to open for lunch.  Lame.

Though, I’ve been hearing rumors that eventually the Mantra space will be converted into a full time Pinche Taqueria.  I guess we’ll just have to wait for that to happen before we get some lunchtime Pinche action.


  • Mantra bites the big one…can’t wait for that transformation.

  • Pinche Cabrones!!!

  • I overheard some dude at Choice Eats talk to the Pinche guy who was saying he’s very interested in opening up a location in midtown. But in the meanwhile, yay new Rey Del Sabor!

  • Adam, any thoughts about adding a last initial? You know, because, there are a lot of people named Adam? :)

  • Mantra + Yantra do not equal Tantra. I am btw 7th and 8th. This needs to be more centralized!

  • OMG people wake up! Pinche is all hype!

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