It’s Shark & Bake Day at Trini Pak

Found out a bit more info about Trini Pak’s shark and bake that we wrote about last week.  You can actually get the shark steamed or fried, but it’s only offered Wednesday through Friday.  They ran out pretty early last Friday, so if you want to check it out you might not want to wait too long to go out to lunch today.


  • Went by at 12:30 and they didn’t have shark. From the response we got, it seemed like they maybe weren’t serving it as planned.

    They had bigger issues though. They seemed to have trouble keeping the grill lit, so the usual guy with a beard was running around with lit pieces of paper. Some guy I’d never seen before was manning the grill, but he was definite B-team. Might be a day to pass on them until they get their shit together.

  • Huh. I was by there both Tuesday and Thursday this week and Fatima told me they had shark. She even gave me some steamed shark yesterday.

    The one day I didn’t go was on Wednesday which seems like when these comments were written. Any number of issues can happen that might prevent them from being up to speed. I know on Tuesday they had some problems with their van that left them stranded a little longer on 43rd Street than usual. So maybe it was another mobile issue that prevented them from getting the food to the cart. Don’t know.

    I’d try again next week or today.

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