Tongue Tacos Are My New El Rey Del Sabor Fave (But the Vegetarian Quesadilla is Good Too)

After my out–of-control delicious tongue taco experience in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I was ready to get back on the lengua train here in Midtown.  Easiest place for that? The El Rey del Sabor cart.  If you haven’t been yet (there are now three of them in Midtown), what the hell are you waiting for? There’s one on 60th and 3rd Ave., 49th and 3rd, and 43rd and 6th.  I decided to hit up the one on 49th, because it gets the least amount of love! (And yet the highfalutin, more expensive Pampano Taqueria across the street, is a mob scene. Figures.)


Unlike the thick cubes of tongue stewed in red sauce you get in the Mission’s La Corneta, the El Rey del Sabor version is chopped finely and grilled on their flat top. A completely different taco experience, but totally enjoyable. The tongue is easily El Rey del Sabor’s most tender option, but it also had some of the little crispy bits you miss out on when getting stewed tongue. Topped with onions, cilantro and their fairly spicy salsa verde, it was muy delicioso and I’d recommend it to anybody- even those who don’t think they’d like tongue. The one downside is they don’t always have the tongue… you just have to get lucky.


As a side note, I had a good friend of mine with me who is a vegetarian (yes, I have friends who don’t dig the swine) and he decided to try their pumpkin flower quesadilla (known in Spanish as flor de calabaza.) It’s a pretty standard Mexican dish, and happens to be the only vegetarian option at the El Rey del Sabor cart (aside from just getting plain cheese empanadas or quesadillas.) Stupidly I didn’t try any of it, but he was completely blown away. So if any of you are vegetarian, and have steered clear of El Rey del Sabor in the past, here’s something you might totally enjoy!

El Rey del Sabor (3 Locations)

  • NW Corner of 49th & 3rd
  • SW Corner of 60th and 3rd
  • NE Corner of 43rd & 6th


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