New Pump Location is Serving “Street Meat”

Unless they’re offering free food, I pretty much have no reason to ever want to step into a location of Pump Energy Food… until now.  Thrillist is reporting that a brand new Pump just opened on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd, and they’re serving “an adobo-marinated bison and yogurt-dill sauce job called the Street Meat” (only available at this new location.)  I’m normally not interested in low fat alternatives to my favorite foods, but it is a new year… and I have to admit I’m kind of curious.  UPDATE: Just got an email from Pump, who clarify that the new street meat special is called the “Spicy Dilligan” and is “a healthy take on the Rafiqi’s street meat”. PLUS “anyone who comes in today gets $5 off any order of $10 or more if they use the password “Midtown Lunch” at the cash register.”


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    The Pump Energy Food has excellent and surprisingly tasty food. I am impressed with what the new location is doing — looks like an upgrade of their usual fare. However, in order to upgrade some things it looks like they have taken a number of things like pizza and apple pie and whole wheat pitas off their menu. Maybe they are still selling them but it is not on the menu. I am looking forward to trying the Street Meat, since I never eat meat from a cart!

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    doubt it…

    anyways, can’t complain about a $5 discount. might have to make the trek

  • Oh god–I tried pump once years ago….and tossed the food after 2 bites….falafal was gross and the turkey burger blew….so dry! I don’t like “healthy” versions of the unhealthy foods I enjoy…this is a big pass….

  • I’d rather eat the melted packing styrofoam from the fried chicken cart than subject my tastebuds to the Pump again.

  • Yeah, you can get $5 if you mention Midtown Lunch… or if you pick up a $5 coupon that the kids are trying to give away at every street corner in a five block radius.

  • WL (the wizard) had that right — ‘SHILL’!!!!

    Why would anyone with a high-school degree fall for this type of bullshit advertising?

    The answer is, a high school graduate would NOT.

    But then —- how many people in New Yawk City ever graduated from an American high school?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • pump is gross. end of story.

  • pump is pretty nast – the only good thing I had there is the dynamite pita (i was on my health kick back then)

    I think anything with the marinara sauce is ok since it cuts down on the dryness factor

  • I must defend The Pump. I absolutely love that place. The Dionysis (sp?) platter is fantastic. The Big Arms and the Popeye are also very good. I allow myself an unhealthy lunch a couple of times a month (hence my presence here), but I’m generally careful about what I eat. The Pump is a godsend.

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    The spicy dilligan appears to be a wrap and not a platter. Color me disappointed. They should platterify it.

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