Kabab Express Produces Stairway to Heaven of Halal Cart YouTube Videos


Have you ever thought to yourself “Gee, I wish a Midtown street vendor would make a slideshow out of cart and food photos, set it to music (preferably a 7+ minute song) and post the whole thing to You Tube!”  If so, your prayers have been answered.  Kabab Express (on 55th & 6th), the cart that Lunch’er “Matt” clued us into last week has done exactly that.  And unlike the laughably bad  Jamaican Dutchy YouTube videos, which were mostly under a minute long, this one clocks in at a massive 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

If you can actually make it through the whole thing, you’ll be treated to a view of every angle of the cart, plus fresh veggies that are magically transformed into a pita sandwich (you might say the secret ingredient is the star wipe.) Also of note is the photo of lamb chops.  Does this cart serve lamb shanks!? (That actually would be awesome.)  At the very end they give you their phone number so you can save time by calling in your order… but that doesn’t happen until you’ve already wasted 7 minutes watching the damn video!

Check out the masterpiece after the jump…

Lunch’er Matt Reports: Kabab Express


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