Jamaican Dutchy’s Hilarious Attempt at Viral Video


A few weeks ago, the Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st and 7th) started posting videos to a new You Tube account.  As of now there are 10, and most of them are pretty huge time wasters (even more so than most of the stuff on You Tube).  For example a few are less than 15 seconds long, and just have random customers ordering stuff. There are also a few longer ones that are meant to be advertisements (I’m guessing?) But, my favorite by far is the one where O’Neill, the owner of the Dutchy, stands in front of the cart pretending to be a customer stuffing his face.  You can understand about 6 words total of what he says, a) because he’s laying on his Jamaican accent a little thicker than normal, and b) half the time his mouth is filled with rice and peas. 

Check out the hilarity after the jump…

The Jamaican Dutchy… a Midtown Cart on Island Time
Gold Medalist Usain Bolt Visits the Jamaican Dutchy Cart!


  • wtf is this nonsense

  • That’s f’ing hilarious! I loved how he started shoveling it in his mouth with his hands, after tossing the fork….I wonder if he was indulging in some island plants before making that video, b/c I must say I eat that way whenever I smoke a little “Jamaica!”

  • Well, since you posted it here, it’ll get plenty of hits. And then come tomorrow it will fade into obscurity forever.

  • What the HECK was that all about????

    “I’m ordering a lot of food because I’m a large person.” hahaha.

  • Somebody got a video camera for christmas…

  • My thoughts exactly Jake.

  • DocChuck is black?

  • Rudy, don’t insult the dutchy guy!

  • He’s the Jamaican Cookie Monster! OM NOM NOM NOM

  • I am not black but I know some black persons. I try to shove all the food I can in my mouth and the wife video tapes it. She has made a video to show to the prisoners during her nutrition talk at the jails she works. They call the video how to give the heimlich manuever and simultaneously shank them and make it look like an accident. Care to be in the film McBeagle?

  • Jamaican’s are the best!! Jamaican Dutchy serve some real good food no lie! Man the days of working at Lehman and walking around the corner to JD for some good Jerk and stew chicken. O’neil you need to come downtown to Wall the Jamaican cart out is so bad man.. I don’t even think the lady who runs the cart is Jamaican the food is like night and day compared to Dutchy.

  • Damn….I want my 49 seconds back.


  • lol that’s hysterical.
    Rodrick – where is the Jamaican cart down here? Someone whispered to me that it was good but I can’t find it. He said Water and mumble mumble.

  • Rodrick, I like how we both still read midtown lunch after resigning from leh… Anyhow, I’ll be back from my 6 month hiatus in the UES next monday so I am looking forward to sample the midtown east stuff I didn’t have time for when I was on 6th ave.

    I do miss the dutchy though…

  • Pass the dutchy on thee left hand side…

  • pure foolishness….

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