Little Morocco No Longer Serving Kofta or Shrimp

The last few times I’ve gone to Little Morocco, the delicious street meat cart on the NE corner of 39th and 7th, I’ve asked for the kofta over rice and gotten a shake of the head in reply. I assumed they kept selling out. But yesterday I noticed that the kofta and fried shrimp had been duct taped. The guy running the cart told me that he’d stopped making the kofta because no one was buying it (seriously?!?), and that he’d bring it back if customer demand was there. This means two of the items that put Little Morocco on the map have been discontinued indefinitely. So, head down to Little Morocco and tell him to bring them back. We want kofta! In the meantime, maybe I’ll finally try the fish that Danny liked.


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    Months ago, I was finally in the neighborhood of Little Morocco and excited to try both the shrimp and koftka. I was there around 12:00 and told they had neither. That seemed a little early to run out of both of those items, so I think they may have discontinued both items awhile ago. I was severely disappointed since those were what I went to the cart for.

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    Yeah, they were discontinued a while ago. I’ve told the guy a few times that if they brought back the kofta, I’d order them again.

  • I love the lamb at this cart but I REALLY was not impressed with the fish. Very, very bland.

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