Kwik Meal Kin Stirs Up Weekend Vendor War


It looks like vendor wars don’t just happen during the week.  Over the weekend a little competition popped up for Kwik Meal on 45th Street and 6th Ave., and Lunch’er “Vernon” was kind enough to send us this photo.  Check out the sign!  “Why Pay More Money?  Fahima Halal Food much better than Kwik Meal.” Ouch.  But you know what the biggest kick in the balls is for Muhammed Rahman, the owner of the Kwik Meal carts?  Fahima Halal is owned and run by his brother!  Yup, it’s the same cart that popped up a few months ago on 45th and 5th, before moving to 9th Ave. and 42nd.

Muhammed doesn’t work on the weekends, so he wasn’t at the cart to confront his brother- but he was called and told by his workers what was going on.  Family feuds are nothing new in the world of street meat, but parking next to your brother and undercutting his prices is pretty ballsy- especially when your brother has one of the most popular street meat operations in the city.  Not sure if Fahima plans on staying on 45th during the week, or moving back to their normal spot on 42nd and 9th.  I guess we’ll find out today.

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