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LA Baguette’s Burrito is Basically Street Meat in a Tortilla

Last week, Lunch’er “uncledunkle” took to the ML forums to ask if anyone had ever tried the burrito from the La Baguette truck (SE Corner of B’way & 40th Street). I’d been wanting to try La Baguette myself and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to take a bullet for a good cause (too bad they answered their own question before I got a chance.  Oh well, I’m one day late!) Anyway, I too got the chicken burrito ($5) and was kind of happy to discover that it’s basically just another way to enjoy some delicious street meat.

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La Baguette Cafe is Mamacita’s New Favorite Street Meat

Our Happy Hour Correspondent “Mamacita” isn’t all alcohol all the time.  She also enjoys her street meat… so when she told me that she had a great chicken and lamb over rice plate from La Baguette Truck (a strangely named halal truck that I’ve walked by many times, but never pulled the trigger on), I told her to her write it up for everyone to enjoy!  Here’s her report…


Every once in a while you find yourself in midtown after dark and seek the comfort of a reliable street cart for dinner. I was in Bryant Park recently on the first cold night of December and my initial thought was that of the cart on 40th St. & Broadway, the 3rd place winner of Street Meat Palooza 1. Unfortunately I found it’s only a daytime cart, so after I got there I reluctantly looked towards the truck that I’ve seen for years on the opposite side of the street. It’s called “La Baguette Cafe,” and has a Parisian motif but with a typical Halal menu. I was hungry so I figured after all these years I’d finally bite the bullet and check it out. Of course I went with the ML staple: chicken and lamb over rice… but I was surprised by what I got for $5.50.

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