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White & Hot Truck Makes a Pretty Good Kofte


After reading luncher “GreeZeyFreezey’s” second rave about the White & Hot Halal Truck last week, I decided to finally check it out. It’s been a while since I’ve had any street meat and the time seemed right for a chicken and lamb over rice. I was just about to order when I noticed that they offered kofte over rice as well. You don’t see that nearly as often as ‘lamb’ or whatever’s in that gyro loaf. Given how well reviewed these guys were, I decided to try it out.

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Lunch’er Anthony Reports: Cart on 33rd and 5th

A few weeks ago Clay noticed a new truck parked on 33rd and 5th, and wondered how it was.  Thanks to Lunch’er Anthony (aka “GreeZeyFreeZey”) for sending us this photo and giving us the low down…

Hey recently you guys made a post about the cart on 33rd and 5th. It is honestly one of the best carts in the city. I found them at night on 28th and Madison about 5 years ago and have been pushing them to come around during the day. Today I spoke with them and hopefully they will be moving between 41st and 46th on 6th avenue in the next week or two. I am going to attach a picture also so maybe you can throw it up on the site to show people that its just amazing. Also just add if they go make sure they ask for the basmati rice and the hot sauce is amazing just enough spice. I work with a lot of Indian guys and they all say the basmati rice tastes just like what they make at home and they all love this cart. We have all tried pretty much every single cart in midtown and the 2 best hands down are Little Morroco and this one.

White & Hot Halal Food Truck, 33rd St. & 5th Ave.