White & Hot Truck Makes a Pretty Good Kofte


After reading luncher “GreeZeyFreezey’s” second rave about the White & Hot Halal Truck last week, I decided to finally check it out. It’s been a while since I’ve had any street meat and the time seemed right for a chicken and lamb over rice. I was just about to order when I noticed that they offered kofte over rice as well. You don’t see that nearly as often as ‘lamb’ or whatever’s in that gyro loaf. Given how well reviewed these guys were, I decided to try it out.

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I asked for the kofte and he warned that it wasn’t ready yet and would require five minutes or so to cook. I had the time, so I went for it. In the end, it didn’t take significantly longer than it would have anyway.

My initial fear upon seeing the kofte (the griddle is raised, so I couldn’t see it until he was packing it up), I was afraid it was just some generic burger patties tossed with some seasoning. It wasn’t. The meat definitely tasted of lamb and was fully seasoned inside and out. Topped with the hot sauce, it was hot enough to get me sweating. Not killer, but it’s pretty powerful.

The meat itself is a little chewier than I expected, almost tough in some areas. Not sure what that’s about, but it didn’t distract from the meal. I missed the part about asking for the basmati rice, so I ended up with the regular yellow rice. Since that’s what I usually get, it’s fine, but next time I’ll have to try the good stuff.

GreeZeyFreeZey mentioned that these guys might be moving up to the 40′s at some point. I hope that’s not true. The truck is a great addition to an area with much fewer street meat options available than up there.

White & Hot Halal Truck, 33rd & 5th

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    The kofta at Comme Ci, Comme Ca is excellent and comes either with rice/couscous+root vegetables or on some nice bread.

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