Lunch’er Anthony Reports: Cart on 33rd and 5th

A few weeks ago Clay noticed a new truck parked on 33rd and 5th, and wondered how it was.  Thanks to Lunch’er Anthony (aka “GreeZeyFreeZey”) for sending us this photo and giving us the low down…

Hey recently you guys made a post about the cart on 33rd and 5th. It is honestly one of the best carts in the city. I found them at night on 28th and Madison about 5 years ago and have been pushing them to come around during the day. Today I spoke with them and hopefully they will be moving between 41st and 46th on 6th avenue in the next week or two. I am going to attach a picture also so maybe you can throw it up on the site to show people that its just amazing. Also just add if they go make sure they ask for the basmati rice and the hot sauce is amazing just enough spice. I work with a lot of Indian guys and they all say the basmati rice tastes just like what they make at home and they all love this cart. We have all tried pretty much every single cart in midtown and the 2 best hands down are Little Morroco and this one.

White & Hot Halal Food Truck, 33rd St. & 5th Ave.


  • Nope. I’m pretty sure this was NEVER on 28th and madison…The only tuck on 28th and madison is a mainstay, which has been there for over 10 yrs 24/7. there are 2 trucks that rotate out of that spot. I know the owners. I will check this cart out this week, since it’s only a block away.

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      Actually this cart is on 28th and madison every single night thats where i found them and thats where i still go to get them. During the day they are new and on 33rd and 5th. Trust me they are on 28th and madison at night unless i have been hallucinating for the past 5 years.

  • The cart on 28th and Madison is a white truck, I believe. I’m pretty sure, since during the blizzard, it was stuck there for about a week, getting graffiti, and I saw it every day. Perhaps the yellow truck is the one that sometimes shows up on the north side of the intersection?

    In any case, the white truck is damn good, and I don’t want them to leave the 28th and Madison area ever.

  • There is only 1 truck on 28th and madison at any one time. During the day it is usually whiteish gray and at night, it’s yellow. I live across the street. There has NEVER been a cart on 28th and madison. ONLY a truck. Their food is good, and I’m glad I have that option practically 24/7.

    • You guys are arguing semantics… he said “cart” but he’s talking about the yellow truck in the link above.

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        No, it is not just semantics. If you go looking for a cart and all you see is a truck, you will not find it. (It’s true that if you read the whole post and clicked on the link, you’d see that it’s a truck, but the basic point stands.)

  • Yeah, it seems that way—I will have to check on 5th to see if the nighttime truck is over there….

  • Greyzey is right—I just checked. The 28th St. night truck is on 33rd between MAd and 5th (right by 5th). I tend to think of “carts” and “trucks” differently–hence my confusion.

  • I will also add I have never been blown away by the hot sauce in particular, but their food is good. I am friendly with the owner so they hook me up when I visit…

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    Maybe this food really is “amazing,” but that picture is doing nothing for my appetite.

  • I think the food is good. But amazing—nay. I much prefer kwikmeal, and even that is not “amazing.” Turkish Kitchen or Ali Baba—that is more toward “amazing”…..but of course triple to quadruple the price, depending on what you get.

  • I still haven’t been to the truck on 28/Mad.
    The plate above looks decent. Maybe on my next street meats adventure.

  • the E&G pyramids truck on fifth avenue and 31st is usually good, if its there. I recall there was a cart fire last year but if they are back, it’s a good thing.

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