3rd Ave Halal Cart’s Hot Sauce is Hot!


For anyone that has eaten from many different Halal carts know that not all carts serve the same hot sauce. I mean it’s hot sauce but not all of them are actually hot. Some may just give you a slight kick in the throat while some will burn your face off. So far I haven’t found a hot sauce that really kicked my ass, until now.

The 3rd Ave Halal cart on 41st street is run by a very nice couple. On my 1st trip, the lady warned me about the hot sauce being very spicy so I only got a small squirt of it.

street meat

The lamb and chicken over rice ($5) was decent, but nothing special.  The hot sauce, on the other hand, was the real star.  The lady in the cart was not kidding about the spiciness. Even with just a little bit, the heat was quite intense. It would’ve been fine if it was a slow burn, but the heat kicked in pretty much right away. By the time I was done with my meal I was sweating a whole lot.

Even though their combo over rice was pretty standard, I have found myself drawn back to this cart again and again thanks to the addictive hot sauce.  I didn’t see the sign for their fried fish, which Blondie tried last year, but I imagine it would go amazing with their hot sauce. I’m planning to ask them for that the next time I’m there.

Halal Cart, Northeast corner of 41st Street & 3rd Avenue


  • I was out at 3rd Ave and 41st last week and stopped at this food cart. It was very clean and I must say the food was GREAT!!! I found that the hot sauce was in fact spicy and the white sauce was excellent. They were both very different from the other halal food carts. The chicken had a great flavor to it also. I’ve eaten at many carts, but I will definitely eat at this one again if I’m even remotely close.

  • Paki Trini Boys on 43rd has home made hot sauce that will knock you on your ass. Also a tamarind hot sauce that is if anything hotter.

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      I like TPB, but I’ve found their hot sauce not very spicy. Less spicy than King of Falafel’s hot sauce, which I’d say is medium spicy, and way less spicy than the Halal Guys’ sauce.

      Also, I don’t think their tamarind sauce is spicy. I think it’s meant to be more like a sweet chutney.

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