Kwik Delights Relocates to 36th Street

I was surprised to discover Kwik Delights, the most recent addition to the Kwik Meal empire, set up on 36th and 6th Avenue yesterday. That’s quite a ways from its usual spot on 45th and 3rd. The guys working the cart told me they moved last week because another vendor took their spot and instead of fighting with him, they found a new spot. I’m sort of surprised they didn’t hold tight since they’ve fostered that location for the last few years, but this is certainly a welcome addition to this area of Midtown. Even though the original Kwik Meal is just nine blocks north, you can now get your chicken schwarma and quality lamb right here (especially since the price is back down to $9!)


  • Wasn’t that the same locale of the short-lived “Meal O’bama” kwik-meal cart that first got renamed and then evaporated (sadly not taking its namesake with it)

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    That was a block away on 37th Street. Yeah, Muhammed seems to like this general area.

  • Yesss! I know what I’m getting for lunch today! About time some truck/cars came below 40th st. Comme Ci Comme Ca Truck is on the same street too.

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    The cart that replaced it that’s on 45th and 3rd now is baller. A++ quality cart, makes me forsake the other carts in the area. They’ve got hot sauce and a secret, green hot sauce. Get the green hot sauce. It’s baller.

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    There is no doubt in my mind that these guys are trying to syphon off some of the customers off of Comme Ci Comme Ca. The carts has been at this location for 2 weeks now.

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