First Look: Quick Delight’s New Chicken Shawarma


Last week I swung by the latest addition to the Kwik Meal empire, Kwik Delight on 3rd Ave. and 45th Street.  I was interested in sampling their brand new chicken shawarma, which isn’t offered at either of the other two Kwik Meal carts (how could I not, right?)  In a Iot ways, I feel like chicken shawarma is chicken shawarma (much like gyro is gyro, if leave it on the spit long enough), but the white sauce and hot sauce are what Kwik Meal is known for, and they clearly make the difference.

As for their famous lamb, a few commenters remarked that it was chewy… but for those who are unfamiliar with the Kwik Meal carts, it kind of goes with the territory. 

Unlike every other lamb over rice cart in Midtown, which just uses gyro meat as their “lamb”, Kwik Meal uses actual lamb meat which they marinate themselves. In other words, it’s never going to be as easy to chew as gyro- and the tenderness will vary from sandwich to sandwich.

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats: New York

As for their fish, which is also really, really good, Muhammad said he will maybe start offering it at the new cart next week (if he has enough customers to support it.)


  • If it was beef shawarma, I’d be there in a second. Had some amazing beef shawarma on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn over the weekend. Yum!

  • There chicken shawarma was awesome when I tried it… the white and hot sauce indeed made a helluva difference from when I’ve tried other chicken Shawarma.

  • I need to try both carts. So hungry!

  • Where was the amazing shwarma on Prospect Park West?

    — 8th ave. resident …

  • ^^^ I would like to know this too..

  • I’ve got the menu at home, so I’ll post the name of the place tonight. :)

  • i was one of the chewy lamb commenters- i just didn’t understand why the lamb could possibly be “famous” if it was so chewy. but you’re right that at least it’s actual chunks of meat and non-gyro (mmmmmm, gyro…) style. but i’m not willing to play chewy lamb roulette w/them until i get a good one. the chicken shawarma looks good though. i might give that a go soon. in the meantime, i need to find some other east side carts that have lamb chunks!

  • How is it that you New Yawkers are so trusting? Believing without doubt that you are being served chicken in that sandwich?

    From the look of it, it’s impossible to tell if it’s chicken or Chihuahua, poultry or Persian.

    As you know, my wife ran a very successful commercial kennel when we lived in Arkansas. Although most of her customers were Penelope’s Pet Land and the like, she did have a number of asian and middle eastern restaurants as clients.

    Did you know that there are relatively inexpensive DNA kits to be had? Perhaps it would be a good idea to test the fare served by your favorite “street meat” establishments.

    Please know that I am only suggesting this for your own wellbeing.


  • The place I mentioned in my previous comment is called Fez Bistro & Garden at 240 Prospect Park West between Windsor Place and Prospect Avenue. Go there, it’s good! Just a head’s up, they’re Tuesday to Sunday, so no go for Monday.

  • The lamb just gets better. Yumm-o! It was mouth watering and not chewy at all. And the chicken shawarma was amazing as well.

  • Allah reserves a special place in hell for shills

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