Kwik Meal’s Muhammed Rahman Returns to Midtown in New “Quick Delight” Cart

New Kwik Meal Cart Opens in Midtown East

Last August Muhammed Rahman, the cart operator who famously used to cook at the Russian Tea Room, left Midtown for a new pizza and pasta venture on the Upper West Side; entrusting his famous Kiwk Meal cart (on 45th and 6th) to helpers.  Well, this week Muhammed made his triumphant return- opening a new cart called “Quick Delight” on 45th Street and 3rd Avenue. This is the third cart in the Kwik Meal empire, replacing Kwik Meal 2 which used to park on 5th Ave. until it was stolen a few months ago from the garage where it was parked.  Kwik Gourmet, the second cart, is still parked on 47th & Park Avenue.

This is huge news, and the tips poured in yesterday from excited Kwik Meal fans on the East side who have always had to walk West for a taste of Rahman’s famous lamb pita… but even more exciting is the news that Quick Delight will have two menu items not available at either of the other two carts.


New Kwik Meal Cart Opens in Midtown East

The new cart has a gyro spit, but since Kwik Meal is famous for their real lamb (rather than the standard gyro meat) Rahman will use the spit to make chicken shawarma.  Quick Delight will also have chicken on a stick.  Unfortunately, because of the bad weather Quick Delight won’t be in their new spot today (Wednesday)- but they will return tomorrow.  Eventually, if business picks up, he will serve the fish dishes that are popular at the Kwik Meal cart on 6th Ave., but until then you’ll have to be satisfied with the new dishes and old standbys.

Quick Delight, SE corner of 45th Street & 3rd Avenue


  • I can’t wait.

  • finally some east side love. this is the best thing since porn.

  • And on 6th we get stuck with food that has no quality control.
    It was a good run Kwik meal, but I’m not going to 3rd for your lamb.

  • Ate chicken there the past two days in a row. Will be trying the lamb tomorrow. Excellent so far!

  • yessss!!! i will definitely be hitting that up!

  • Is it typical that he doesn’t come out when it rains??

  • Most vendors don’t come out in the rain, even those with fully enclosed carts.

    I still miss the one on 5th ave. The guy working there knew how to really load on the neon green hot sauce.

  • Why is the chicken rice cheaper on 3rd avenue?

  • to dougiec, the answer is simple. Pidgeons are more plentyful and easier to catch.

  • Is this return to cart food “triumphant” or did his restaurant business on the UWS fail? (Or both)

  • I think the regular Kwik Meal cart will go out in the rain because they have a loyal following, and will still do business. I think the new location on 3rd doesn’t have a lot of customers yet, so Muhammed knew that business would be really slow tomorrow with no foot traffic.

    However he called me this morning to say he will be out there today! If anybody goes, report back…

  • Hows the Chicken Shawarma?

  • just had the lamb rice today. was really disappointed. the lamb was incredibly chewy and a few pieces i had to actually spit out because i couldn’t chew it through. the hot sauce is good, but the rice is plain white and pretty boring. i’ll keep going to the XPL cart a few blocks up. they have great basmati rice and you always get a free soda.

  • To answer my own question… The Chicken Shawarma was damn good IMO… Although, he seemed somewhat overwhelmed by the response when i went… ummm so it was a little cold but still good.

  • I also hit up Quick Delight for lunch yesterday and have a lot of the same to report. I had the lamb pita and was disappointed. The flavor of the sauce was good, the pita was nice, but the lamb was extremely chewy. My co-workers got the Shawarma and said it was very good. I also got a chicken mini roll which surprising outshone the lamb. The chicken was moist and tender, plus he put a lot more hot sauce on it.

    My biggest complaint was that the line moved extremely slowly. There were 4 or 5 people ahead of us when we got there and it took about 20 minutes to get our food. Muhammed was having a real tough time cutting the Shawarma off the spit and he said his knife was dull. I’ll attribute it to needing to work the first week kinks out, but I’m not going to rush back there anytime soon.

  • I went to get a lamb pita from the cart last Thursday around 345 pm and there was no line. It still took a good 5 minutes to get my food because they seemed to take great care in flipping the pita over multiple times on the grill. The pita and all the ingredients together was smaller than what you’ll find at the 47th and 3rd cart, and also more expensive. Unlike some of the comments above, I found the lamb to be the best street meat lamb I’ve ever tasted, in midtown east, and along Wall St. The fact that it was real lamb chunks and not normal street cart gyro meat really made a difference, both in taste and texture. Some posters may have gotten stringy meat, or may have just been used to the processed gyro meat that most carts pass off as lamb. Or it could be chalked up to the lunchtime rush, though from the sound of it, they were not rushing at all. Overall I’d have to say I was very pleased with my pita, but for 6 dollars, I could go to the 47th and 3rd cart and gotten a chicken and rice with soda and been fully satiated. Quick Delight isn’t so much a street meat option as a cart that happens to be on the street serving restaurant/store quality dishes. Prices and portions are inline with the observation.

  • It”s been about one month since the grand opening of the quick delight, and although the “famous” lamb pita has been degraded, I have tried the same very lamb better at the 6th ave cart and witnessed it’s glory and wondered why commentors felt this way. It turns out that very week the person that supples the lamb was giving bad quality meat and this is why he was fired. Ever since then Quick delight have a new source of lamb meat and is once again tender and soft and NOT chewy. In fact I’v tried the lamb recently and it was mouth-watering. I hope that all of you can give it a second chance and try once more I’m sure you will have a change of heart.

  • Everyone should hang on a sec, and chill out. We have lots of fans for the Chicken and the lamb seems to be improving, but c’mon why is there not a single fan for the falafal? Seriously… if there’s no fans I’ll be the number one fan, its the best, crunchy on the outside and soft, warm on the inside. Together it makes a irresistible delight. Everyone dont lose anymore time run to quick delight and buy yourself a falafal its cheap and worth every penny!

  • Every Friday we go to Muhammed for some lamb or chicken pitas…. give the guy a break he just started over here and for those of you who said the lamb was bad give him another try because his supplier could have screwed up not him. I had it today and it was amazing. He is a nice guy with a clean cart and yes it might take time to cook but your getting it fresh. SO give the guy a break and another try…. it was and is delicious!!!! GO MUHAMMED!!!!


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