Kwik Meal Implements Massive Price Hike

kwik meal price hike
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Is Kwik Meal (on 45th and 6th) no longer a “Midtown Lunch”?!  We don’t know much about the price of lamb, but apparently it’s gone up- possibly as much as $3 a pound, if this sign is to be believed.  If the language seems confusing, allow us to break it down for you… Kwik Meal’s famous lamb over rice (one of the only versions in Midtown that uses real lamb and not gyro meat) is now $11, up from $8, and their lamb on pita is a whopping $10, up from $7.  Kwik Meal was always a bit on the pricey side, and we understand that food costs are what they are, but $11 for a plate of street meat seems kind of insane.  Will you pay?  Or has the original Street Meat Palooza champ just priced themselves out of the market?


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    I was in the mood for street meat 2 weeks ago as I hadn’t had in a while… I was in the area of Kwik Meal and figured it was meant to be… SO I decided to get a lamb pita… $9 with a soda… Seemed pricey, but I was justifying the quality… then I sat down and began eat and came to the realization that the pita was filled with tough, fatty, chewy lamb meat… and Im not talking like a small bit here and there… im talking full on chunks of tough to eat lamb meat… any picky meat eater would have literally spit it up and thrown it away… last time I will go there, and this price hike JUSTIFIES it…

  • I’m constantly struck by the higher food prices when grocery shopping. It doesn’t surprise me that these costs will rise everywhere. I think people should expect higher food prices across the board. It’s a trend that will continue since the world consumes more than ever. Also, US weather situations have created their own problems. It’s almost more interesting as to how people can keep food costs down? Is the cheaper food reeealllyyy something people should be eating? If it’s so cheap….what is it???

  • Commodity prices will only go up. Welcome to the new world where the CPI is out of control.

  • I want to know what the hand scrawled NO LAMB means.

  • It makes sense – the prices for lamb have been skyrocketing over the past year, along with other items. If they pay such attention to quality, it’s not a surprise that they have to raise prices.

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      Problem is judging by my last experience 3 weeks ago, and perhaps long before that, quality was def not on par with prices… Just because its real lamb meat doesnt mean Im willing to pay $10 for chewy, fatty lamb meat. Remember part of their uniqueness was the ability to offer tender lamb meat without the gristle.

  • No thanks. I’ll stick to Famous Halal as I like gyro lamb anyway. Hope everyone else enjoys forking over 11bucks.

  • It’s $8!!
    No, it’s $10!!
    No, it’s $11!!

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    this is complete and utter BS.

    So the price of lamb goes up $3 lb. At BEST… there is about 1/2 of lb of lamb (probably closer to 1/3 lb of lamb) in a serving…

    so he is esentially passing the entire increase to his customer AND tacking on an additional $1 or $2 in profits.

    I hope his business dies!

  • Unfortunately, Lou is dead on. While the flavor is very good, and Mohammed a good guy, the quality of his lamb has always been suspect – full of gristle and fat. I stopped going a long time ago. Even if it were chunks of tender loin lamb, the $10 price tag would keep me from going back.

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    The quality of the food and service at that cart has declined dramatically over the past month. I had sworn them off after my last visit where the service was incompetent and the food wasn’t that good, and this price hike only reestablishes that commitment. It’s a pity because they used to be fantastic, but all things in this city change.

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    I really wanted to like Qwik Meal. Tried it twice and I found it to be tough and greasy like many have said.

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    I haven’t had their lamb for several weeks, so I can’t comment on the quality issue.

    But I would cut him some slack on the price hike though… lamb prices have basically doubled since January 2010. He probably should have mentioned that he was paying a lot less than $8 last year instead of only mentioning the latest increase. Here is a pretty good article about the increases… basically world demand up and supply down:

    I just hope he hasn’t decided to buy/use inferior cuts of lamb to try to keep his prices down… that would be dissapointing.

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