Kwik Meal Has Got the Breast Chicken Ever Now

Kwik Meal has arguably the best (yet priciest) lamb of all the food carts in Midtown. Certainly it’s the highest quality- he uses actual lamb leg meat instead of the processed gyro stuff. It’s tender, flavorful, and delicious, and I always felt like it overshadowed his passable chicken. He uses the dark thigh meat which I sometimes find a bit chewy and fatty.

Well, earlier this week a sign went up on the cart that lists a new menu item called “Chicken Breast Kabob”. Of course as popular as it is with some people, breast meat has problems of its own… the biggest being that it’s often overcooked, dry and bland. But somehow I knew Kwik Meal wouldn’t disappoint.

I can now safely say that Muhammed has the best lamb and chicken I’ve had from a cart in Midtown. My order came on a bed of rice with a salad and the usual white and green (chili) sauce. The chicken meat had been grilled on a kabob and the stick removed for presentation (and safety?) before being garnished with a handful of sauteed onions

At $7, this is one of the more expensive chicken over rice dishes on the street. But the quality is unbeatable and worth the splurge. The white meat was incredibly tender, literally melting in my mouth. It was slightly charred and had a smoky flavor with hints of cumin and garlic and dots of red pepper flakes gave it some kick. As usual, the green chili sauce was the perfect amount of heat and tang while the yogurt sauce cooled things down a bit.

The only chicken from a cart I’ve had that is on par with this is at Tony “the Dragon” Dragonas, which is just outside the Midtown Lunch precinct and has a totally different flavor profile. But as Halal Carts go, Kwik Meal has now, in my opinion conquered the two major proteins of street meat.

Kwik Meal, SW Corner of 45th and 6th


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