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Lent Lunch: Kwik Meal’s Tilapia Over Rice

Kwik Meal
It’s hard for me to resist Kwik Meal’s tender lamb over rice. When it comes time to order it’s like I’m on auto-pilot, “lamb over rice, please.” Over the years I’ve heard raves about their tilapia over rice–Lunch’er Dennis even called it “the best fish I’ve eaten in midtown.” With only one more Friday left in Lent, I decided to finally give it a try.

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Kwik Meal Now Serving Spiced Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are a traditional accompaniment with biryani, the popular Indian dish that we know all too well in Midtown thanks to the many halal carts that populate the street. But one famous halal cart that has yet to serve biryani is also getting in on the egg action. Kwik Meal, which has expanded its menu in the last few months to include kati rolls, is now offering spiced eggs.

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Midtown Kati Krawl Yields Definitive Winner

biryani kati rolls 2

When you’re the food blogger in the family you often get co-opted into the food decider role–the person in charge of picking the food outing that the whole family will enjoy. I love introducing people to new foods, but still it comes with a good bit of pressure. Months ago I introduced my husband’s aunt to kati rolls and she’s been raving about them ever since. With my husband’s mother, brother and sister in town it was clear that kati rolls would be on tap and with so many eager eaters it seemed an apt opportunity to embark on a kati krawl. Read more »

Kwik Meal Cart Rolls into 2011 with Kati Rolls

Kwik Meal

We at Midtown Lunch love our kati rolls, and it’s no secret that we’re huge fans of the Kwik Meal cart (on the SW corner of 45th and 6th). Up until earlier this week, kati rolls and Kwik Meal were mutually exclusive, but no more! Thanks to a tip off from ESNY in the forums, we learned that Kwik Meal recently started carrying these Indian delicacies, so I hurried over to 45th St and 6th Ave to check ‘em out.

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Kwik Meal is Now Accepting Credit Cards

It looks like the Street Vendor Project’s program to help vendors accept credit cards has hit Midtown. Lunch’er “Ex_Flexitarian” noticed this sticker on the Kwik Meal cart last week.  Makes sense… Kwik Meal has always been the classiest (read: most expensive) Midtown cart.

Famous Halal Guys Say Cash Only!

Kwik Meal & Kim’s Aunt Raises Prices

Got word of two street vendor price hikes going down on 6th Ave.  First up is Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart on 46th and 6th.  Lunch’er Susan sends word that they raised their prices last week.  “The fish sandwich is now $4.”  Still pretty cheap by anybody’s standards, we can’t help but wonder if the oil spill had anything to do with this (although we’re guessing it doesn’t.) Also jumping on the price hike bandwagon is Kwik Meal, the already-kind-of-pricey cart on 45th and 6th.  According to this post in the forums, a sign went up last week saying that starting today they’d be raising their prices on chicken, lamb, shrimp, and fish due to “rising costs”.  Not sure what the actual increase will be, but I guess we’ll find out today.  Hopefully these are just two isolated incidents, and not the beginning of some big trend (like the giant price hike wave of 2008.)

Kwik Meal Family Feud Reignites

Back in October Kwik Meal owner Muhammad Rahman got some competition from an unlikely source when his brother pulled up his “Fahima Hala” cart to 45th and 6th to sell chicken and lamb over rice right next to the Kiwk Meal cart. The brother didn’t last long at the spot, and Muhammad brought in the Kwik Pasta cart to try and keep him away.  Well from the looks of things it didn’t work because according to Lunch’er “Victor” Fahima Halal, which had been parked on 42nd btw. 8+9th for the past few months, spent last week (and today) parked on 45th and 6th.  Anybody try the food.  I’m curious how it stacks up to his brother’s.

Kwik Meal Kin Stirs Up Weekend Vendor War

Kwik Meal Proves That Pasta From a Cart Can Be Delicious


When Kwik Meal cart owner Muhammed Rahman announced that he’d be bringing Kwik Meal IV to 45th and 6th and converting it into a past cart, I admit I kind of thought he was crazy.  Pasta from a cart?  Sure, he owns a pizza and pasta joint up in Harlem (and he famously used to work at the Russian Tea Room), but pasta just doesn’t seem like it would lend itself to the high volume craziness of the Midtown lunch street food scene.  I was quickly proved wrong by my first visit to the cart.  The angel hair with chicken and veggies was a good lunch, and not only was the pasta not over sauced (a crime in my opinion) but it had this great spicy kick to it that reminded you in every bite you were eating pasta from a street meat cart.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was “amazing” or the best pasta I’ve ever had, but it was definitely better than I expected.  And for $6, how could you go wrong?

Since then Muhammed has expanded his menu from 3 to 5 pastas, and yesterday I stopped by to try his new penne with meat sauce.

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Kwik Gourmet Offers Discounted Street Meat


I’m pretty sure that this sign isn’t brand new, but thanks to Lunch’er Daniel for bringing it to our attention.  Did you know that Kwik Gourmet (on 47th and Park) has cut prices by 50 cents on most of their items?  (I think the chicken mini roll is the only one that has stayed the same price.) That means if you are willing to walk a bit farther you can get Kwik Meal food, at a slight discount.  I’ve never done a side by side comparison of all the Kwik Meal carts (there are 3 in total,not including the pasta cart) but in theory they all serve the same food- and for 50 cents less, I might be inclined to take a chance.  (What can I say?  I’m a cheap bastard.)

Your First Look at the “Angle” Hair From the Brand New Kwik (Meal) Pastas Cart

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er Stephen

Reports poured in from Midtown Lunch’ers trying the Kwik Meal pasta cart for the first time today (on 45th and 6th), and despite early concern that Muhammed wouldn’t be able to pull off pasta from a cart- the reviews seem largely positive!

Lunch’er FileEditView is the first to comment:

Just went, Rahman was there in the pasta cart creating the orders and asking customers to sample before they left so he could get their feedback. Got the chicken w/ vegetables — fairly delicious, no visible sauce but definitely a bit of a kick. I would probably get it again, but if they had other options besides angel hair it would be better.

Pasta photos and more, are after the jump…

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