Famous Halal Guys Say Cash Only!

Yesterday the New York Post reported that the Street Vendor Project was rolling out a program that would enable its vendors to accept credit cards. The pilot program, which launches today, is in the very beginning stages- so you probably won’t be able to charge that chicken and rice platter anytime soon but if it is successful it will be offered to all the Street Vendor Project members down the line (right now, a Soho hot dog vendor is the only food vendor in Manhattan accepting plastic.)  In Los Angeles practically all the new generation trucks accept credit cards, and it’s pretty awesome for the customers and the vendors. On the other hand, the lines at some carts are long enough- and the last thing the Biriyani Cart or Famous Halal Guys need is to be slowed down by a credit card machine!

It sounds like they see it that way too.  PIX filed a report, and ended up interviewing the Famous Halal Guys cart on 52nd and 6th.  Check it out after the jump…


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