Lent Lunch: Kwik Meal’s Tilapia Over Rice

Kwik Meal
It’s hard for me to resist Kwik Meal’s tender lamb over rice. When it comes time to order it’s like I’m on auto-pilot, “lamb over rice, please.” Over the years I’ve heard raves about their tilapia over rice–Lunch’er Dennis even called it “the best fish I’ve eaten in midtown.” With only one more Friday left in Lent, I decided to finally give it a try.

Fish over rice from Kwik meal

The fish is cooked to order–I ordered mine medium–and it’s ready quickly. The filet is a good portion size and it comes with mixed veggies and a bit of salad over rice with white sauce and if desired, hot sauce. The fish itself is delicate, moist and mild–definitely not a fishy fish. If you’re a hot sauce fan be sure to ask for extra as the fish isn’t very strongly seasoned. While this plate is on the pricey side at $8.50, it should leave you feeling well sated.

Kwik Meal, 6th Avenue and 45th Street, SW corner

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