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Since the beginning of the year here in New York City, so many places in Midtown have been forced to raise their prices because of the rising cost of fuel, and basic food items like rice and flour. To shine a light on how widespread the effect is, I’ve decided to start this Midtown Lunch Price Hike List. It lists every place (I know of) in Midtown Manhattan that has raised their lunch prices since the beginning of the year. I know it couldn’t possibly cover everything, and I’m sure more places will soon be following suit, so if you have an addition, please feel free to put it in the comments, or email me at


  • Joy Curry and Tandoor on 46th and third’ish raised all their prices at least 50 cents or so per meal platter.

  • Mandoo Bar raised all their prices significantly.

  • The Jamaican Dutchy food truck on 51st near 7th bumped up most of their items, except for the patties, a buck in the last couple of weeks. Less of a value, but still just as delicious and filling.

  • This morning I noticed my egg sandwich at Guy + Gallard (36th + 7th) was 50 cents higher. They told me all egg dishes went up as of Monday.

  • ho yip has raised their price for the after 2:15 lunch

  • Kwik Meal/Gourmet, both carts have raised their prices (the one on 6th first, then the brother’s on 5th did). My chicken pita is now $5, FIVE dollars. Sweet Jesus! If Rafiqi’s didn’t make me sick, I’d go there, but alas they do and I won’t.

  • Times are rough, this is why I always bring my own lunch from home. Spending $6-10 bucks a day on lunch gets expensive quick, and unhealthy.

    I usually only reserve one day a week (friday )to get out the office and treat myself to a “midtown lunch”. This is a great site for my weekly explorations.

  • Rafiqui’s (Park Ave & 52nd Street, raised the prices of all their street meat by 50 cents)

  • Cafe Cello raised their lunch price up to $7.95 a few months back. The roast pork is still great though :)

  • I heard the price of the sicilian at Artichoke Basil went up to $3.50 from $2.50. That was pretty fast, though considering the cost of a DiFara’s Brooklyn slice is $4.00, I suppose that is not bad because of the quality of the slice. Still love the boys at Artichoke Basil!

  • The Trini-Pak cart at 6th and 43rd: prices way up, portions way down. Boo on them!

  • Cafe Zaiya is going to see another price increase after September. Soon they’ll be more expensive that the one of the right of them.

  • I can’t do midtown lunch every day anymore. I just can’t afford it. I’ve brown bagged the last two weeks exclusively, lost five pounds and I’ve created sandwiches and salads that are better than any midtown lunch in my nabe… except for GoGo Curry. Next Friday, I’ll splurge.

    You’re typical salad bar lunch is costing $1.00 more; pizza is up; carts are up…. and it’s going to really start hurting midtown lunch traffic soon.

    Not that groceries are much cheaper these days. I spent more on groceries this week, but I saved money vs. the cost of buying lunch every day, but not as much as I used to save.

  • Oriental Noodle Shop’s prices went up about 50 cents per item.

  • Thank gawd for BK, MickeyDs, Wendy’s Dollar Menu!!!!

  • Price of 2 pop burgers went up to $7. This is in the main takeout portion – NOT the upstairs lounge.

  • I found the worse price hike in midtown. I went to the buffet that is mistaken for IHOP the international house of something and it is no longer an all you can eat buffet. It is now $5.99 a pound. At that price it just not worth it, go to margon or sophies.

  • cucina’s half off pastries is now 5 pm, not 4 pm

  • Chiyoda’s bento prices all up ONE WHOLE DOLLAR! Chiyoda, et tu?

  • with gas prices no longer being the excuse for food price increases, how about making a list of which of these establishments have decreased their prices.

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