Kwik Meal & Kim’s Aunt Raises Prices

Got word of two street vendor price hikes going down on 6th Ave.  First up is Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart on 46th and 6th.  Lunch’er Susan sends word that they raised their prices last week.  “The fish sandwich is now $4.”  Still pretty cheap by anybody’s standards, we can’t help but wonder if the oil spill had anything to do with this (although we’re guessing it doesn’t.) Also jumping on the price hike bandwagon is Kwik Meal, the already-kind-of-pricey cart on 45th and 6th.  According to this post in the forums, a sign went up last week saying that starting today they’d be raising their prices on chicken, lamb, shrimp, and fish due to “rising costs”.  Not sure what the actual increase will be, but I guess we’ll find out today.  Hopefully these are just two isolated incidents, and not the beginning of some big trend (like the giant price hike wave of 2008.)


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