Famous Street Meat Vendor Branching Out With Italian Food Cart


Muhammed Rahman just can’t make up his mind what do with his fourth Kwik Meal cart.  Originally dubbed Meal Obama, the cart was forced to change its name to Kwik Meal IV and move from 37th and 7th to 38th and 6th.  Business wasn’t great, so when Rahman’s brother parked a cart on 45th and 5th (the spot which used to be occupied by the now gone Kwik Meal 2), Muhammed decided to move Kwik Meal IV  back to 45th and 5th (to reclaim his spot from his brother). Business wasn’t great there either, so a month ago Kwik Meal IV moved back to 37th and 6th.

Now comes the craziest news of all!  According to a sign that Lunch’er Dennis spotted on the original Kwik Meal cart (on 45th and 6th), the new plan is to open a cart serving “Italian dishes”.  I spoke with Rahman and confirmed that he is planning on parking Kwik Meal IV next to the original Kwik Meal cart, and will indeed be converting it into an Italian food cart. The plan is to serve pastas similar to the ones he serves at the pizza place he owns in Harlem, and if all goes well maybe some soups as well.  Pasta from a cart?  At the very least it should be interesting.  The cart will open sometime in the next two weeks.

Day in the Life: Muhammed “Kwik Meal” Rahman
From Russian Tea Room to Cart and Back Again- Kwik Meal’s Muhammed Rahman is Cooking in a Restaurant


  • If he offers up some cheesy baked ziti, I’d be there in an instant. (especially if it’s cheaper than the pizza joints)

  • Call it Cart a Bruni..

  • Pakistani-italian food?.

    Jesus ,mary and the gay guy.

  • Hmmm. as simple as pasta sounds Im imagining its going to be a little challening on a cart.
    will it be cooked to order?
    pre-cooked? AL dente? Mushy?
    Will the sauces be homemade (woo hoo) or jarred (boo)?

    OMG. My OCD is flaring up.

  • Don’t forget, that that great Italian sauce from Ragu is/was made up in Rochester.

  • Be still my beating heart, for gawd’s sake (and for the sake of my trailer park landlord).

    I heard about italian food served up by Muhammed Rahman — and I am just totally wiped out by over-active salivary glands.

    Well, I jumped into the pick’em up truck, fully ready to make the short trip to New Yawk City for some of that Kwik Meal orgasmic italian food with a muhammed touch — then found out that the wife was serving up some Arkansas roadkill possum that we had in the freezer.

    YUP! We hillbillies gotta keep our culinary priorities straight.

    That’s for sure.

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    Monique – I’d imagine it could be done like many (or at least some, I don’t have much to judge on) restaurants – partially cooked, then kept warm/covered, then boiled for another minute or two when someone actually orders.

  • @thefatbaron: lets hope! Nothing worse than overcooked pasta

  • I think we all question this, because even decent pasta can be demanding, but who knows, maybe he has something else in mind… like meatballs on a stick, or sausage rolls.

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    I’m going to have to add this to my weekly cart rotation

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