Kwik Meal IV To Migrate South Again

Unhappy with business at his new spot on 45th & 5th, Muhammed Rahman is planning on moving Kwik Meal IV back to its spot on 37th and 6th Ave.  I doubt it will make a difference financially (everybody is slow in Midtown right now) but for those of you in Midtown South who were upset when Kwik Meal IV left- you should be pretty happy to hear this news.  As for those of you who work on 5th Ave., you can always go West to the original (on 45th and 6th) or East to Kwik Gourmet (on 47th & Park.)

Kwik Meal Kin Opens New Cart, Touches off Feud Over 45th & 5th
Meal O’Bama Pressured Into Changing Name to Kwick Meal IV


  • freaking FINALLY. Whatever though. They forsook me. I’m a Little Morocco girl now.

  • I’ve had their food 2 days ago and I wasn’t all that impressed. I got the chicken and lamb on rice combo. The meat was over-salted and what was that glup of white stuff that took up a quarter of the plate? Was that supposed to be white sauce? However I did like the oil and vinegar dressing in the salad and the lamb was real lamb not the usual reconstituted kind.

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    Yay! Just stopped down, and indeed they are there today. Same bizarre customer service. They looked past me, took my friend’s order instead. I chatted with the guy in front of me who had already ordered. He found out about this cart at Midtown Lunch. They finished the two falafels and gave them to me and my friend, skipping the guy in front of me who had ordered first. We customers worked to rectify the situation but the Obama Kart dudes were having none of it, insisting that we take our food first.

  • This was by far the most bizarre of all their carts. Every time I went the guy seemed to have an awfully hard time cooking the food and finishing the order. Could only do one order at one. Even though this was closer to my office, I still made the trek to 47th and Park.

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    I got lunch there today and service was just terrible. He messed up our orders and forgot to cook lunch for one guy.

  • God, just what we need, another variation of the idiot “fail” meme.

    What’s so “fail” about the stoner kebab?

    Cmon, those guys need to make some effort. Actually, no, they don’t. The meme just needs to die.

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    The guys who make the food there SUCK but it’s delicious. I for one am glad it’s coming back!

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