From Russian Tea Room to Cart and Back Again- Kwik Meal’s Muhammed Rahman is Cooking in a Restaurant


I’ve gotten a lot of emails over the past few weeks asking what happened to Kwik Meal’s Muhammed Rahman.  The cart is still there (on 45th & 6th), serving up their famous lamb and rice platters, but Muhammed has not been seen for awhile- replaced by a woman who now appears to be running the operation during lunch.  Rahman famously used to work at the Russian Tea Room, before starting up Kwik Meal, where he has become widely known for his lamb, which is considered some of the best street meat in the city.

It turns out Muhammed has gotten back into the restaurant business, in an incredily unlikely location… 

Every morning Muhammed still drops the cart off on 45th & 6th (as we chronicled in the “Day in a Life” post from last August), but after a quick set up, he takes off for his new venture- Presidential Pizza on 125th Street (near Frederick Douglas) in Harlem.  That’s right.  A pizza and pasta place in Harlem.  Weird, right?  I spoke with Muhammed on Friday, who seemed pretty excited about his new venture.  He claims the pastas are amazing, and plans on eventually adding his famous lamb over rice to the menu (apparently a lot of his customers are clamoring for it uptown.)  If you can dip pizza in blue cheese dressing, what about a slice dipped in Kwik Meal’s famous white sauce???  (Sorry, just thinking out loud here…) 

The pizza place has been around for awhile, but Rahman only took control of it recently.  Once the place is running on all cylinders, he says he will be back at the Kwik Meal cart more often. For more info about Presidential Pizza, you can check out this Yahoo page, but I must say, it mostly smacks of shill.  Either way, I’d be curious to check the place out, and support our friend who has brought Midtown so much joy via the Kwik Meal cart.  Hopefully he’ll be back soon…


  • Actually, not too weird. I heard that the city is giving sweet loans out to established and new small businesses on 125th street to encourage them to stay (since property tax,rents, etc are increasing). I wonder if he’s taking advantage of this?

  • I could bet that was one of the reason to open a place there.

  • Where is the kwik gourmet? I can’t find it anywhere : (

  • The ban continues until he returns. That woman is the worst.

  • AND YOU CAN SEE THE HOT SAUCE THAT SHE MAKES YOU PUT ON YOUR OWN DAMN FOOD. WTF!! (something about this woman makes me lose my shit)

  • Prices are utterly stupid. Everything is up 30% from a year ago.

    The woman who works it needs a customer service class.

    Extra lamb cost $3.50, was an extra dollar 3 months ago.


  • What did that woman ever do to you? She is the only thing that keeps that line moving. Muhammed showed up once a month ago for a Bobby Flay taping, and the line ended up a mile long (before Flay showed up). Whenever she is gone, it takes at least twice as long to get your food.

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