Kwik Meal Family Feud Reignites

Back in October Kwik Meal owner Muhammad Rahman got some competition from an unlikely source when his brother pulled up his “Fahima Hala” cart to 45th and 6th to sell chicken and lamb over rice right next to the Kiwk Meal cart. The brother didn’t last long at the spot, and Muhammad brought in the Kwik Pasta cart to try and keep him away.  Well from the looks of things it didn’t work because according to Lunch’er “Victor” Fahima Halal, which had been parked on 42nd btw. 8+9th for the past few months, spent last week (and today) parked on 45th and 6th.  Anybody try the food.  I’m curious how it stacks up to his brother’s.

Kwik Meal Kin Stirs Up Weekend Vendor War


  • I walked past there on a saturday once, and I saw a proper chicken shawarma spit roasting, and looked pretty good (man I wish there were a lamb shawarma spit somewhere in midtown). The cart looked clean at the time.

  • I’ve had Fahima when it was over on 42nd btw 9th and 10th, it wasn’t anything special, certainly not chunks of real lamb…

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