Kwik Meal Adds Daily Specials To Their Menu

A year ago Kwik Meal rolled into 2011 by adding Kati Rolls to their menu, an item I personally support on a regular basis (and may single handedly make worth their while to keep on the menu). And it looks like they have kicked off 2012 in much the same way, by offering a new batch of daily specials. Every day they’ve got something different, sometimes chicken biryani, other times shrimp … and also goat biryani! I guess goat must be a less expensive meat than lamb, with the special coming in just under $10. Of course, their famous lamb over rice exceeded the Midtown Lunch budget last fall, disappointing street meat lovers all over Midtown, so I’m personally looking forward to see how goat measures up in taste and texture. Unfortunately, by the time I saw this, I had already gotten my lunch, but I’d love to know if anyone’s checked it out yet!  Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.

Kwik Meal, SW Corner of 45th and 6th

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