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A Closer Look at Some of Bian Dang’s Other Offerings

It’s been a LONG time since anyone here talked about Bian Dang, fka NYC Cravings, so I decided to wander over and try something besides the pork chop or chicken leg over rice. More after the jump.

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Bian Dang Now Offering a Dinner Special

Bian Dang Dinner Special

While this may not be “Midtown Dinner” some of us occasionally work hours that might require dinner at the office or picking up take out on the way home after a long day. If that describes you, or if your cheap eating tendencies extend to the dinner hours, the Bian Dang in Food Gallery 32 (on 32nd btw. 5th+B’way) is doing a dinner special that includes entree, appetizer and a drink for $10 from 6:00pm until 11:30pm.

Highlights From Our 5th Birthday Party

Crowd shot

On Saturday we gathered together at City Winery with a couple hundred of our closest friends to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Midtown Lunch (yes, we too are surprised this thing has been around for 5 years!)   A great time was had by all thanks to the amazing food (provided graciously by Kwik Meal, The Biryani Cart, Cer Te, Ma Peche, Food Gallery 32, El Rey del Sabor, Tri Tip Grill, Wafels & Dinges, Miss Softee & the Rolling Cones, Kelvin Slush, and Momofuku Milk Bar) and the endless drinks courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery and GuS’s soda.

Check out the highlights, after the jump…

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50% off Bian Dang: What's better than delicious Taiwanese  fried chicken over pork sauce rice at Bian Dang inside Food Gallery 32?  Half off Bian Dang!  Today's Groupon gets you $11 worth of either pork chops or fried chicken and dumplings at Bian Dang. Limit one per person, offer only good for the listed items and not valid on the truck.

Last Chance to Get $5 Special at Bian Dang Truck

Bian Dang Truck

Earlier this week I saw on the ML Twitter Tracker that in honor of their return to the streets the Bian Dang Truck (aka NYC Cravings) was selling their #1 and #2 (chicken or pork chops over rice with pork sauce) for just $5 all week long
! Surprisingly I had yet to try the Bian Dang Truck and with a $5 special on offer, I couldn’t resist checking it out. Read more »

It’s $5 Week at Bian Dang (aka NYC Cravings): To celebrate their return to the streets the Bian Dang Truck will be selling their #1 and #2 (chicken or pork chops over rice with pork sauce) for just $5 all week long!  According to the ML Twitter Tracker they're on 50th btw. 6+7th today.

Bian Dang Returns to the Streets of Midtown Today In a Brand New Truck

_MG_0721 - Version 2

Bian Dang, formerly known as NYC Cravings, has returned after a season of focusing on the brick and mortar world of Food Gallery 32. On Tuesday they hit my turf, the Flatiron District, in a brand new truck- but still serving up their usual menu (on 24th Street btw. Park+Mad). And yesterday they were in the Financial District.  Today?  They’re back in the fold, and planning to park on 53rd St. and Park Ave. (their old Thursday spot.)  But you’ll probably want to check their twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out just to be safe.

Crêpe Monster – A French Classic Flip-Flopped With Asian Flavors

Crepe MonsterIf you’ve followed our coverage of Food Gallery 32, it’s been a story of trial and error, but for the most part, a successful one. Bian Dang’s 3rd floor off-shoot, Crêpe Monster, has followed a similar trajectory of small oversights, but this story ends on a happy note as well. You may recall Crêpe Monster’s preview, which was plagued by long lines and a shapeless menu, but I paid them a visit recently, and was quite pleased with what I saw and tasted.
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Bian Dang Now Serving General Tso’s Chicken, Re-Launching Truck Next Week

Bian Dang Stall

The writers of Midtown Lunch (spurred on by Zach, no doubt) all seem to have a rapt fascination and begrudging respect for General Tso’s chicken – the faux-Chinese dish of deep fried lumps of breaded chicken, slathered in an unidentifiable glaze. Food snobs may dismiss this humble dish, but for the sentimental type, this dish is strongly evocative of simpler times – perhaps your childhood mall food court or the take-out dive that you’d frequent as a broke college student. And when we heard that Bian Dang in the Food Gallery 32 would be carrying this dish, it was a done deal.

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Big Changes Ahead For The Truck (Formerly) Known As NYC Cravings

It looks like Street Sweets isn’t the only truck getting a makeover… on Monday we reported that the NYC Cravings truck would be closing up for the rest of the winter at the end of the week.  But that was only part of the story. They are actually about to rebrand themselves as Bian Dang: Taiwanese Lunch Box- both on the truck and in their new brick and mortar store in the new Food Gallery 32 in Koreatown.  In fact, opening inside the Koreatown food court is part of the reason why they’re closing up the truck for the winter… and we’re hearing that’s happening in two weeks!  So, fear not Cravings fans.  You’ll be able to get your Taiwanese pork chops and fried chicken through the winter after all.