Last Chance to Get $5 Special at Bian Dang Truck

Bian Dang Truck

Earlier this week I saw on the ML Twitter Tracker that in honor of their return to the streets the Bian Dang Truck (aka NYC Cravings) was selling their #1 and #2 (chicken or pork chops over rice with pork sauce) for just $5 all week long
! Surprisingly I had yet to try the Bian Dang Truck and with a $5 special on offer, I couldn’t resist checking it out.
5 buck pork chop special

I arrived at around 1:15 and there was a short line that moved quickly on account that the fact that they had the specials prepacked and ready to go. Good planning guys! For $5 this is an awesome deal. The pork was ample and juicy and the pork sauce with pickles lived up to it’s crackalicious billing. The special is only on this week and according to their site they should be on 53rd between Park and Lexington. As always, check on the ML Twitter Tracker.

NYC Cravings Truck is Not Just Taiwanese Fried Chicken Anymore

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    waited on line for 15 min and then they said they were all out!! Not hating though because their food is great. Just wish they had maybe told me they were almost out a bit sooner.

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