New Bian Dang Truck (And Every Other One Known To Mankind) Rolling Into FiDi Today

_MG_0721 - Version 2

Good news if you were a fan of the NYC Cravings truck and work in the FiDi. Its reincarnation, Bian Dang, announced on Twitter that it’s going to be on Water St. The ML Downtown Twitter Tracker also shows that Wafels & Dinges truck will be on Wall St. and also has a cart on Greenwich in Tribeca, and Rickshaw is on Wall. Big D’s Grub Truck is debuting its sesame chili chicken downtown on Hanover Sq. and in Soho, Frites N Meats is on Hudson. Is that enough for you? No? Good, because Korilla is parked on Governour. Photo courtesy of Ultraclay.


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  • I stopped at Bian Dang today and although you’re now getting less chicken when you order the porken, the pork chop was actually seasoned for a change so I can’t complain… much lol

    I do love the fact that the waffle and dinges truck is parked right in front of my office, we need more trucks there and i don’t mean rickshaw either.

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