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Trusty Truck And It’s “Durgers” Were Lured To the FiDi

Curious about what trucks are downtown today? Well, take a look at the Twitter Tracker where Bob & Jo’s at Varick & King with a revised winter menu, Korilla’s at Varick & Vandam, and Sweetery’s at Hudson & King until 1 p.m. alongside Frites N Meats, Big D’s Grub’s at Hudson & Houston. In the FiDi, Wafels & Dinges is at 60 Wall, Rickshaw’s on Wall, Trusty Truck‘s debuting at Wall & Water, Morris Grilled Cheese is at Pearl & Front, and the WFC lot has Gorilla Cheese with a chorizo melt, Mexico Blvd. and Valducci’s. Calexico has chipotle-grilled tofu as a cart special.

Lebanese, Argentinian, Korean Fusion On The Twitter Tracker: It looks a little slow on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker today, but we do have Toum at Water & Broad, Chinese Mirch at Wall & Water with a special curry momo, Comme Ci Comme Ca's at Old Slip & Water, Morris Truck's at Water & John, and Gorilla Cheese, Sweetery, Shorty's, Nuchas and Kimchi Taco at the WFC lot. Up in Soho, Cinnamon Snail, Crisp and Schnitzel & Things are at Hudson & King.

Wafels & Dinges Now Has Chili: We have our mid-week double dose of Wafels & Dinges trucks at the WFC and 60 Wall, and they have two kinds of chili atop a corn wafel starting today. The Twitter Tracker also shows Milk Truck at Wall & William, Jiannetto's at Front & Wall, Bian Dang's at Front & Old Slip, Gorilla Cheese at Hanover Sq., Bistro Truck's at Old Slip & Water, Tribeca Taco's at Water & Wall with fish tacos, while Cruisin' Kitchen, Rickshaw, Mexico Blvd. and Mike N Willie's are at the WFC lot. Up in Soho, Lent Space has Snap Truck and Chinese Mirch and Calexico has a brisket special at Prince & Wooster.

Schnitzel & Things, Sweetery On Hudson St.: The Twitter Tracker's back from its three-day weekend and shows Schnitzel & Things and Sweetery at Hudson & King, Bistro Truck's at Varick & Charlton, Korilla's at Varick & Vandam, and the Lent Space has Mexico Blvd. and Taim. Further downtown, the WFC lot has Phil's Steaks, Cupcake Crew, Hibachi Heaven, and Palenque, Mike N Willie's and Jiannetto's are at Front & Wall, Bob & Jo's at Hanover Sq., Cinnamon Snail and Our Hero's are at Wall & Water and Tribeca Taco's at Water & John with pulled pork.

The FiDi’s Got A Lot Of Truck Action Today: On your Friday edition of the Twitter Tracker...Frites N Meats is at Hanover Sq., Toum's at Wall & Water, the WFC lot has Mexicue, Big D's Grub, Schnitzel & Things, Coolhaus and Morris Grilled Cheese, while Souvlaki GR's at Old Slip & Front, Hibachi Heaven's at Old Slip & Water, Milk Truck's at Wall & William and the newish MacTruck's at Front & Wall. SoHo, you get Bongo Brothers at Varick & Charlton and Blend and Eddie's Pizza at Hudson & King.

Burgers, Momo At WFC Lot: It's a dreary, gross day outside, but there's always lunch to look forward to. Options on the Twitter Tracker include Andy's Italian Ice, Frites N Meats, Milk Truck, Taim and Chinese Mirch at the WFC lot, Bongo Brothers is at Old Slip & Water, Phil's Steaks is at Water & John, Sunrise Grill's at Wall & Water and Comme Ci Comme Ca's at Old Slip & Water. Up in Soho, Hibachi Heaven's at Hudson & King and Lent Space has Kimchi Taco, Palenque and Munchie Mobile.

Tribeca Taco Now Has A Cart: On your Wednesday Twitter Tracker...Milk Truck's at Church & Walker, Mike N Willie's, Cruisin' Kitchen, Wafels & Dinges (also at 60 Wall), Mexico Blvd. and Rickshaw are at the WFC lot, Gorilla Cheese is at Hanover & Pearl, Korilla and Bian Dang are at Front & Gouverneur, Tribeca Taco and Our Hero's are at Wall & Water, Jiannetto's is at Front & Wall and Bistro Truck's at Old Slip & Water. Soho has Bob & Jo at Varick & King, a Tribeca Taco cart at Prince & B'way, Frites N Meats is at Hudson & King, Fun Buns is at Varick & Vandam, and Domo Taco, Snap Truck and Chinese Mirch are at the Lent Space lot.