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Please Let This Be The Last Time We Use the Word Durger

We reviewed The Trusty Truck a few weeks back and while the food was promising, the name of their signature dish was just absurd. No matter how good it tastes, does anybody really want to eat a durger?

Well, according to their Facebook page, the owners of the truck realized the errors of their ways and have made some changes. They will be taking a few weeks off the road for renovations and regrouping, but will re-launch in January with a new name (Trusty Truck Burgers & Bites) and some new menu items. We’re hoping this means we will never have to eat a durger again.

Your First Look at The Trusty Truck’s Durgers

There was a lot of excitement and controversy over the Trusty Truck when we announced they were parking in the heart of Midtown a few weeks back. The excitement was evident when I showed up in the midst of the lunch rush and discovered that they had run out of food. The owner was very apologetic and even offered free samples to those customers that had been waiting in line. The controversy took place in the comments when an overwhelming number of new commenters praised the food while other commenters made accusations of shills.

Well, the truck itself has stuck to the edges of Midtown and has only re-entered the belly of the beast (47th and Vanderbilt) this week. I found them on 40th and Sixth Avenue a few weeks back with a manageable line and a pretty focused staff. I ordered one of their infamous durgers, which is described as a hamburger in the shape of a hot dog. Along with a side of sweet potato fries, I spent $10 and was out of there in about 10 minutes.

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Trusty Truck Serves Up Hot Dog Shaped Burgers

A new truck has been parking in Midtown recently called The Trusty Truck and their slogan is “Five Stars on Four Wheels.” Checking out the menu, I’m not too sure of that. They focus on something they like to call durgers, which seems to be hamburgers in the shape of a hot dog. Their sides include fries, mac and cheese bites, meatballs, and jalapeño poppers. They’ve been on the street now for just two weeks and today it looks like they’ll be on 47th btw. Park+Vanderbilt. Anybody tried this truck out? Thoughts in the comments…