Trusty Truck Serves Up Hot Dog Shaped Burgers

A new truck has been parking in Midtown recently called The Trusty Truck and their slogan is “Five Stars on Four Wheels.” Checking out the menu, I’m not too sure of that. They focus on something they like to call durgers, which seems to be hamburgers in the shape of a hot dog. Their sides include fries, mac and cheese bites, meatballs, and jalapeño poppers. They’ve been on the street now for just two weeks and today it looks like they’ll be on 47th btw. Park+Vanderbilt. Anybody tried this truck out? Thoughts in the comments…


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    oh man, years ago when i was in college i dreamed of opening my own food truck and serve burger dogs! im not saying they took my ideas or anything but if they serve a burger dog wrapped in a twist of bacon and a few curly fries i will declare inception!

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    i predict great success. great success!

  • Not a single picture of a durger? ML reporting FAIL!

  • This sounds a lot like the Mittitei I’ve eaten in Romania. In the old days it was made with beef, pork and a little horse or donkey meat. Now it’s just chopped beef, chopped garlic and various spices shaped like a sausage. I also had something similar in Bulgaria but I don’t remember the name for that.

  • Tried it yesterday. Got the “durger” with montery jack cheese, guacamole, chipotles, and spicy mayo. It wasn’t bad at all as far as hamburgers go, but the whole burger in a hot dog bun concept seems a little gimmicky.

    • Was it a proper burger’s amount of meat at least? Also did they serve it in a normal hot dog bun or something different?

      Sounds like it had enough toppings to merit a small sub roll or something like that.

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        it’s not served in a regular hot dog bun but rather its own bread roll and the durgers are not frozen either even if the name isn’t everyone’s favorite there are appealing factors like the service and the food itself which is tasty

  • This is the equivalent of CNN covering a water skiing squirrel.

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    I have been there 2x since they opened. Once near Colombus circle and yesterday on 52nd and 6th. Really Solid truck. Shroom N Onion Durger is out of this world. Mr Smith is really good too. Had the poppers and mac cheese bite…omg and the meatballs…I’m sooo fat!

    All in all I give it 9 out of 10. Ill follow them around for sure.

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    I have eaten here a few times. The food rocks everything is very fresh and made to order. Nothing frozen here. THE OLYMPIAN durger is money. The bread and meat really take these over the top. These guys really know what they are doing. I have been following them for a while now and I can’t wait to eat there again.

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    If you really wanna know how they are and end your negative skepticism you should swing by and try them! you might come to find you actually enjoy the food ;-) and yes I have tried them once and planning on going back to try the recently introduced veggie durger made of vegetarian ingredients fresh looking forward to it ! Plus the customer service is pretty awesome if you ask me

    • Cristina8622, how do you know the meat is not frozen if you’ve only had them once? And why haven’t you posted about anything else? Do you dream of “Doogers” 24/7 and no other food?

  • three comments raving about the truck by people that have signed up within the last 30 minutes, pretty sketchy.

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    Today I was so busy running around with work and I remembered seeing the truck in union square last weekend. I googled the truck and saw that they had a facebook and twitter page. I saw that they updated their location daily. I liked the page on facebook and followed them on twitter just in case they were in the area I was in since I move around nyc a lot for work and I am always on the road. Today they were on 47th and park so I decided to give them a chance. I had the shroom and onion “Durger” with the mac and cheese bites as a side. I can easily say that I haven’t tasted anything so good coming from any food truck in nyc. Their packaging was a bit odd since I am used to the typical Styrofoam food packaging coming from a truck but hey I am not complaining (5 star packaging? lol). 5 Stars on 4 wheels? I wouldn’t go that far but the guys at the counter were definitely very friendly and courteous.

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    Twitter might be a good place to check for reviews from real people.!/search/realtime/trustytruck

    I went there with 5 of my coworkers and everyone really liked their food. I had the Mr. Smith and even got a sampling of the sides. The Mac & Cheese bites were amazing. My boss even liked the veggie durger so all around everyone was really happy. I just need them to spend a bit more time in the Bryant Park area so I can visit them again!

    • Yeah, twits can be faked too, SPAMBOY! We’re not idiots here. The stuff probably looks and tastes like dog poop.

      Zach, time to start evicting these spamorons…

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        Yeah, I’m not disputing that. Maybe some of these are SPAM, who knows. I don’t think they are creating fake Twitter profiles to Tweet about themselves though so I tend to think that’s legit.

        In any case, I don’t really care either way. I liked the food so thought I’d comment.

    • Also a SHILL?

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    for those of you who think this is sketchy to comment try googling Trusty Truck this site is one of the first to pop up makes it pretty easy to read and comment doesn’t it ? Jlev1021 made a good point though check out the twitter feed then or reviews on the fb page (yes I’m a customer)… either way try it for yourself, have a great day !

  • Apparently, at least the people that work the truck love the food. Enough with the pseudo postings and sham promotions… This is a food blog, not NY1.

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      I don’t even work in NYC I work and live in Belleville NJ feel free to check lol, I stopped by here with my fiance and have a pic of him there too…and we honestly enjoyed it, my fiancé even made a suggestion which the Trusty Truck boys followed up on… I just find it really funny that your blog posted this but you never even tried the food I was expecting to read more thinking it was a review, I read alot of food sites and blogs but they’ve all tried the food or the place … no hurt feelings here just hoping to see some better writing

  • This is turning into shillmageddon

  • If they have anything like the Cheeseburger Bites from 7-11, for the same price, I’d give it a go. Those bad boys were one of my guilty pleasures 6 years and 30 lbs ago.

  • Too much of a coinkidink that so many new posters are raving about this truck as their first posts. You can’t pull a fast one on us, we were raised on Law and Order, CSI and NCIS. These shills keep touting the “guys” on the truck as being courteous with good customer service. The best street food I’ve ever eaten was from a Spanish speaking woman on Roosevelt Ave, who literally threw the food at me. Forget courtesy or customer service- give me good food at a good price. BTW, why was there nary a mention of price by the Shillers??

  • HAHAHAHA….. 5 users within the last 3 hours all giving it raving reviews. Atleast I had the balls to come out and battle out with the haters…!

    o’by the way HI HATERS. Im about to open a new store and bout to go into business with some super big dogs to FRANCHISE..! HI HATERS.

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    I’ve eaten here twice and will def go again. All the food is made fresh right in front of you, nothing’s frozen. Trust me when I say you MUST try their meatballs!! This is coming from an Italian! I rate this truck a Must Go.

    • Again, another raving review by a new member. How can you tell if the meat was never frozen? Unless you have first hand knowledge. I can defrost some chopped meat and you’ll never know that it’s been frozen- just by tasting it. Why was there no mention about prices or size of portions by the raving reviewers??? Definitely a bunch of SHILLS here. I for one, won’t trust
      anyone associated with the “Trusty Truck” because of this shameless “Shilling”

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    Wow, so many shills. Jesus, if you’re going to shill, be SUBTLE. Try a single positive comment, not ten.

    Also, “durgers” is perhaps the least appetizing name that has ever been given to a food, but I guess I’d be interested to try it? Although I am wondering what these things have to offer that an ordinary burger would not.

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