Big Changes Ahead For The Truck (Formerly) Known As NYC Cravings

It looks like Street Sweets isn’t the only truck getting a makeover… on Monday we reported that the NYC Cravings truck would be closing up for the rest of the winter at the end of the week.  But that was only part of the story. They are actually about to rebrand themselves as Bian Dang: Taiwanese Lunch Box- both on the truck and in their new brick and mortar store in the new Food Gallery 32 in Koreatown.  In fact, opening inside the Koreatown food court is part of the reason why they’re closing up the truck for the winter… and we’re hearing that’s happening in two weeks!  So, fear not Cravings fans.  You’ll be able to get your Taiwanese pork chops and fried chicken through the winter after all.


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