Bian Dang Returns to the Streets of Midtown Today In a Brand New Truck

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Bian Dang, formerly known as NYC Cravings, has returned after a season of focusing on the brick and mortar world of Food Gallery 32. On Tuesday they hit my turf, the Flatiron District, in a brand new truck- but still serving up their usual menu (on 24th Street btw. Park+Mad). And yesterday they were in the Financial District.  Today?  They’re back in the fold, and planning to park on 53rd St. and Park Ave. (their old Thursday spot.)  But you’ll probably want to check their twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out just to be safe.


  • love the new design!

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    I just went for the first time ever. Do they always prepackage their pork chop over rice? It was already cold by the time I got back to my office….which was a 5 minute walk.

    Anyway, I have to attest to the authenticity. Probably the most authentic pork chop over rice in the vicinity.

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      Was that least remark meant to be humorous? Is there *any* place in the vicinity that sells Taiwanese pork chop over rice?

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