Kwik Meal Adds Beef Sticks, Increases Lamb Prices (Again!)

Kwik Meal appears to be making a foray into the beef market. With lamb prices on the rise (more on that in a sec), pricing the cart out of ML range for the lamb on rice, I usually go for their chicken kati roll. But today, my eyes wandered, and I saw something I hadn’t noticed before: beef sticks!

A beef stick goes for $4.00, and they’ll even do beef on rice for you if you like (not sure the price on that). I ordered mine with a little white sauce. Unexpectedly, the stick was wrapped in a hotdog bun, which I found strange and unnecessary. The beef is extremely flavorful, like their lamb, with lots of spices and a nice char on the outside. I know this is street meat, but I prefer my beef medium rare, and because this was cooked through, I wasn’t so into it. So in the battle of new offerings, the chicken breast kabob that Brian enjoyed back in April might be better. Personally, I’m sticking with my (dark meat) chicken kati roll.

Now about the lamb.

Just a couple of months ago, we wrote about Kwik Meal’s price hike for the lamb on rice, which priced them out of ML range. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s been another increase! (And even the cart signs seem a bit confused about it.)

I looked down and saw this sign near the beef stick pictures, which contradicted the above menu, indicating that lamb on rice is up to $12.00. Oof!  So, I asked, and lamb on rice is currently $11.50, up $.50 from September. If the comments from September’s post are any indication, Midtown Lunchers aren’t impressed with the quality anymore and may end up looking elsewhere for their lamb … will you?

Kwik Meal, SW Corner of 45th and 6th


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