Taim Mobile Named Best Food Truck & Best Vegetarian Street Food in NYC

Green falafel @ TaimOn Friday Fork in the Road posted their top 10 best vegetarian street food dishes, and almost half of them can be found right here in Midtown.  Among their faves was the beet and goat cheese taco from Mexicue, the masala dosa from the Sami Dosa Cart, the chosun bowl from Korilla BBQ, and #1… everything on the menu at Taim Mobile- who was also just named Best Food Truck in New York Magazine’s annual Best of New York issue.


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    Wow. That truck serves slightly above-average falafel. I don’t understand the praise at all.

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    I have to agree that the falafel are good, but not the best. Even Mr. Americana, Bobby Flay beat out Taim for better falafel.

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