Sabich Hunters Will Want To Check Out Taim Mobile Today

Years ago, Zach publicly pined for a version of Taim’s sabich in Midtown, and now he finally got his wish. The Taim Mobile truck has introduced this Israeli dish to Midtown as an intermittent lunch special, though it’s proven to be a fleet fox. Both Jeremiah and I have tried to sample this dish on multiple occasions with little success, though I was finally lucky enough to track down this elusive item last week.

Taim Sabich

There’s a lot going on inside their reliably fluffy pita – squishy fried eggplant, sliced hard boiled eggs, crunchy shredded cabbage, refreshing cucumber salad, and their admirably silky hummus. Yet the jumble of flavors and textures work well in each hearty and savory bite. At $6.75, it’s a substantial and flavorful fistful of food – accessible for vegetarian lunchers, but perfectly agreeable to meat eaters as well.  And most importantly, they have it today and will be parked on 53rd and Park (although you’ll probably want to double check the ML Twitter Tracker before you head out.)


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