Midtown Needs Taim Mobile to Visit More Often

On Sunday, at the Taste of Jewish Culture festival, Taim Mobile made an appearance and parked on the corner of 47th and Madison. They seem to park almost exclusively in the Flatiron most weekdays, which puts it way out of range for me (I’m in North Midtown-middle), and – on a personal note – I’ve tried a few times to go to their brick&mortar locations but apparently can’t keep my Jewish holidays straight – so when I saw the truck I got on line immediately.

Because FALAFEL.

I was really surprised that the regular falafel sandwich is only $6.50 – considering their reputation as the best falafel in NYC, and that they’re in a truck (which seems to come with it an extra cost)… and you know, my experience with The Pocketful… well, it seemed like a bargain.

Cheese immediately decided on the harissa falafel sandwich and let me take this photo of its inside. I failed to photograph it once he’d started eating, but note that the inside of the harissa falafel balls are reddish-orange, from the harissa. He said the heat was mild but built on itself as he ate – and Blondie reviewed this very favorably a few years back. I didn’t try it because I was too busy eating my own choices…

One of the special salads, their marinated red beets – $5 for the container – which were good, but could have been more interesting. Sadly, though the description includes ‘spices, lemon zest, roasted garlic’ in it, I tasted mostly a little vinegar but none of the other items. I would have really enjoyed roasted garlic!

That’s not all I got though. I also decided to try the hummus & falafel side for $6, which comes with toasted za’atar pita.

Za’atar pita…

a brown paper bag with 6 green falafel balls in it…

and the container of hummus you see a few pictures above and here again. I mean, for $6, I think that’s a pretty great deal. Maybe that’s just me? In any case, the falafel were expertly fried with a crisp exterior and a wonderfully moist interior. I think mine could have used a little salt – I like salt! – but swiped through the hummus and eaten with a bit of the pita, that’s a mighty delicious bite. Mighty, mighty delicious. And for $11 for everything I ate, I didn’t even finish everything but was sated. My friend said his harissa falafel sandwich was filling as well, and was only $7.

I want to see Taim in Midtown more often so that I can try a regular pita sandwich next time. Please come back. We need you… save us from overpriced falafel sandwiches, please!

THE + (what people who like this will say)

  • Delicious falafel
  • Interesting specials that change from time to time
  • Great prices
  • Good variety of items for all types
  • Feels like a healthy lunch even though the main part is deep fried

THE – (what people who don’t like this place will say)

  • Why won’t you park in midtown?
  • I want to eat meat
  • I don’t like falafel
  • Insert clever but incendiary political remark (I’m staying out of that one)
  • Sandwich and fries still tops $10

Taim Mobile – they seem to always park in the Flatiron lately
Check their Twitter for location, changes daily!


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