Taim’s Hummus Sandwich May Be One of My New Favorite Summer Lunches

Taïm Mobile Line

Much has been said about Taim’s falafal, and when you’ve waited on their serious line, it’s hard not come away with that fried goodness. But with warmer weather finally on the horizon, I’ve been craving a slightly lighter lunch and my go-to has been their hummus sandwich.

Taim Hummus sandwich
The hummus sandwich ($5.50) is a quarter cheaper than the falafel sandwich and it comes stuffed with israeli salad, quinoa salad, pickled cabbage salad, tahini sauce, and their “lavishly rich” hummus. Add ins like egg, kalamata olives and feta cheese will cost you fifty cents to one dollar extra, but you can get pickles and spicy peppers for free (just be sure to ask when you place your order). Also, if you like their amba (mango chutney) or spicy S’rug (Yemeni hot sauce), let them know when you order so they can drizzle it in the sandwich.

The hummus pita (stuffed with as much salad and sauce as I can fit) is my standard order at Maoz Falafel and Taim’s is not only cheaper (the Maoz version is $5.75 plus tax) but you have the benefit of professional layering action and don’t have to worry about the “Maoz double dip”

Strawberry-Raspberry-Thai Basil Smoothie from Taim

Adding a smoothie ($5.50) will take you just over the ML limit, but on a hot day I can definitely commend the Strawberry-Raspberry-Thai Basil smoothie. The Thai Basil complements the strawberry and raspberry without overwhelming. This is lighter and less sweet than the smoothies from places like Jamba, and is super refreshing.

Taim should be on 52nd Btwn Lex & 3rd today, but as always, be sure to check the Twitter Tracker before you go for any last minute schedule changes.


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    At this point, I think you guys should just do a special post about Taim Mobile where all of you, literally, go through their entire menu. Item by item, to make sure that you don’t miss anything this time.

  • i think standing on line in the sun for an hour waiting to order might ruin the summer experience.

  • I’m sorry, but $5.50 for that smoothie is a rip-off.

  • Their kalamata olive falafel is probably the best thing I have put in my mouth all year. (Oh wait, maybe I should re-phrase that….) Seriously. The rest of 2011 is going to have to work hard to top that. I never thought of just getting a hummus pita. With kalamata olives, it might be great.

    I would never get a smoothie there though. At that price, there oughta be some high-grade Israeli MJ-infused oil in that smoothie.

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