Airing of Grievances: The Maoz Double Dip


Following yesterday’s post about Jamie excellent falafel building technique at Maoz, Lunch’er “Chunk” chimed in with this comment:

“I haven’t been able to go back to Maoz since I observed the following a couple of weeks ago. As I was waiting for my bowl of balls, I noticed that a guy who seemed to be an off-duty employee, or at least a friend of the employees, was engaged in some major double dipping. I mean, he would take a bite and then go back to the bar, get more fixins, and then use the tongs to tamp them down on the just munched part of his pita. The on-duty employee definitely noticed.”

“Anyone else seen this kind of thing? My Israeli friends tell me this is standard practice, which to me is neither here nor there.”

If that’s “standard practice” I need to move to Israel! I feel like the Midtown location (on 40th and 7th) is way too small to allow for this kind of thing… but the Philly location looked huge. What do you guys think? Is falafel bar topping double dipping an acceptable (possibly fundamental) right, or gross misuse of the communal tongs? Let us know in the comments.

Maoz Tastes Good, But Proves That The Best Falafel Pita is Built By Professionals


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