Everyone Should Take Maoz Lessons From Jamie

When Maoz opened their first Midtown location last year (on 40th and 7th) I completely admitted by failings as a master falafel sandwich builder. I guess I should have been taking lessons from Jamie over on Midtown Lunch: Philadelphia.  She just visited the Maoz in Philly, and completely schooled me with her massive sandwich.  I still can’t believe how much she managed to stuff all that stuff in there.  Check it out for yourself>>


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    I haven’t been able to go back to Maoz since I observed the following a couple of weeks ago. As I was waiting for my bowl of balls, I noticed that a guy who seemed to be an off-duty employee, or at least a friend of the employees, was engaged in some major double dipping. I mean, he would take a bite and then go back to the bar, get more fixins, and then use the tongs to tamp them down on the just munched part of his pita. The on-duty employee definitely noticed.

    Anyone else seen this kind of thing? My Israeli friends tell me this is standard practice, which to me is neither here nor there.

  • first time I had maoz was as a broke-ass student in amsterdam and you can be sure that myself, and everyone else in the joint, was doing the same thing. throw a layer of salad on, eat it with some of the falafel, then go back to the salad bar and repeat. we never went so far as to stretch one serving to feed two people (that would be too ghetto) but you certainly could if you didn’t care. stateside, I haven’t done that; I think I’ve grown up and learned what shame is.

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