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Ditto on the Mexican Food: Our intrepid Philadelphia correspondent Jamie (who you may remember from her days here in Midtown) just got back from Mexico City, and did this pretty amazing post on all the food she ate.  Warning: if you click on the link, be prepared for extreme jealousy.  And if anybody knows where to get any of this stuff in Midtown, the comments are open and waiting for your suggestions.

Don’t Bother w/ Popeye’s Waffle Chicken Tenders

Over on our Philly site Jamie takes one for the team and tries the (admittedly awesome looking) new waffle chicken tenders at Popeye’s.  Her verdict? Don’t bother.  If you don’t trust her, or need to see for yourself, the Midtown Popeye’s on 40th btw. 7+8th does have them.  Godspeed.

Vendy Awards Crown Philly Champ: The 7th Annual Vendy Awards are still two months away, but over the weekend the first annual Philadelphia Vendy Awards were held, and soul food truck Gigi & Big R's took home the Vendy Cup.  Our very own Jamie was one of the judges, and you can check out her recap of the event over on the Philly section of our site.

Happy Birthday to ML Philly: Yesterday Jamie celebrated the one year Anniversary of Midtown Lunch: Philadelphia by posting a montage of all the lunches she ate this year. It's not quite as large as Zach's end of the year photo, but he's way grosser and fatter, and she has self esteem and is a full time law school student.  Well done, and congrats!

Things We Need in Midtown: A sandwich shop that does cracklings as an add on!?! Yes please.  Margon? Sophie's Cuban?  Cafe Cello?  The ball is in your court...

Who Will Bring the Philly Prizzasteak to Midtown!?

Wait a second… we have pretzels.  We have pizza.  And we have Philly cheesesteaks.  So why is it that we have not attempted the “Philly Prizzasteak”?  Jamie shows us how it’s done over on Midtown Lunch: Philadelphia, creating this South Street special using a slice from Lorenzo’s, a soft pretzel from Jim’s Pretzels, and a cheesesteak from Jim’s Steaks. Who will step forward and accept the challenge of making one of these in Midtown?!  Also making us jealous today… the po’boys and the potato wedge stuffed chicken sandwich that Andrea discovered Downtown, and the red chicken grease covered french fries and Chinese food w/ eggs and home fries (!?!)  that Zach ate in Los Angeles last week.

Jamaican Mac & Cheese!?!

Following Zach’s mediocre L.A. Jamaican food truck experience, Jamie discovers one in Philly that serves stew chicken over mac and chese!?! Are you joking?  We need to get the Jamaican Dutchy on this. Can anybody say “Tuesday special”?

Everyone Should Take Maoz Lessons From Jamie

When Maoz opened their first Midtown location last year (on 40th and 7th) I completely admitted by failings as a master falafel sandwich builder. I guess I should have been taking lessons from Jamie over on Midtown Lunch: Philadelphia.  She just visited the Maoz in Philly, and completely schooled me with her massive sandwich.  I still can’t believe how much she managed to stuff all that stuff in there.  Check it out for yourself>>

Elsewhere in Midtown Lunch’ing…

If you haven’t been following along with Midtown Lunch: Los Angeles, Philly, & Downtown NYC you’ve been missing out! Jamie found Indian tacos from a truck in Philly, Kevin found a good spot for soups and sandwiches on Reade St., and I had my first taste of L.A. ramen (with extra back fat, naturally.) Plus if you’re a fan of the ML Profiled Lunch’er posts you have to check out today’s inaugural profiled lunchers post on the L.A. site. (Spoiler: It’s a double dose of awesomeness- and they love street food to boot!)

I Want to Go To There: Over on the newly launched Midtown Lunch: Philly, Jamie just posted about some Turkish spot that serves manti. A totally different dish than East Asian manty (like the ones I had at Gan Eden two weeks ago), Turkish manti are tiny and served topped with yogurt sauce.  Anybody know where we can get this in Midtown for under $10?  Looks amazing...