Jamaican Dutchy Will Actually Be Back on Tuesday (With a Bunch of New Stuff)

Between yesterday and Today the Jamaican Dutchy (which has been M.I.A. from 51st and 7th for almost 3 months) realized that Monday is a holiday, so they are postponing their return by one more day. They’ll be back on Tuesday, and they’ll be armed with a bunch of new menu items. Hamburgers, salmon burgers, turkey burgers, and the previously mentioned “Jamaican Dogs” will be added to the menu this Tuesday. Plus they are planning on doing some sort of different special every Tuesday from now on. The inaugural special? Salt fish with beans.


  • Salmon burger?? If it has Jamaican seasonings this could be very exciting indeed.

    (Plus someone had to say it…. “Jamaican me hungry!!”

  • so where have they been? in Jamaica vacationing?

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    I hope their branching out into new menu items doesn’t compromise the quality of their tried and true standard fare. That said, I am SO EXCITED that they are returning. I’m thinking of taking O’Neal a big bouquet of flowers of something. They have been missed!

  • My wife, Doctor E., and I have visited Jamaica three times in the last five years. We simply LOVE the folks there, as well as their cuisine (not to mention the resorts).

    But of course, that’s in JAMAICA, not in some immigrant enclave, or ‘food truck’, in New Yawk City.

    I can tell you for sure that the jerk chicken, the ackee, and the conch dishes in Jamaica are the VERY best on the planet.

    Reminds me of a joke I recently heard here in the culturally-diverse State of Maryland:

    A D.C. politician was telling his buddy, down in a Fell’s Point pub, about his experience with a Jamaican lady he had hit on.

    “YUP”, exclaimed the drunk democrat congressman, “I picked up this woman from some island down there … I can’t remember where it was … I think it started with a ‘J’, you know.”

    “Jamaica?”, the other drunk democrat congressman asked.

    “NAH, I called her a cab because she said I was WAY below her requirements for a quickie.”

    “Snotty broad”, the democrat congressman blurted, as he fell off his barstool.

  • No offense intended, ‘Mamacita’ — but I never ONCE encountered a “Salmon burger” in Jamaica!

    I’m serious, I don’t think “Salmon burgers” exist in Jamaica — and I’m not just jamaican this up, you understand, ‘Mamacita’ (who I understand is one of my most fervent admirers).

    HEY! Have a great weekend, Mama!

  • @mkim: Between taking their customary several weeks off during the Thanksgiving-Xmas holidays and the DOH permit renewals, they’ve lost a lot of time on the street.

    Hope the flat screen is back up showing off Usain again.

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