Who Will Bring the Philly Prizzasteak to Midtown!?

Wait a second… we have pretzels.  We have pizza.  And we have Philly cheesesteaks.  So why is it that we have not attempted the “Philly Prizzasteak”?  Jamie shows us how it’s done over on Midtown Lunch: Philadelphia, creating this South Street special using a slice from Lorenzo’s, a soft pretzel from Jim’s Pretzels, and a cheesesteak from Jim’s Steaks. Who will step forward and accept the challenge of making one of these in Midtown?!  Also making us jealous today… the po’boys and the potato wedge stuffed chicken sandwich that Andrea discovered Downtown, and the red chicken grease covered french fries and Chinese food w/ eggs and home fries (!?!)  that Zach ate in Los Angeles last week.


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